Just One of them Days

fb25d4b83ca049912d2722a962a9956aI’m currently experiencing my second sinus infection in one month. Sinus infections are the main reason I do not fully enjoy the Spring and Fall months. Oh, they are pretty to look at, that’s for sure but those up and down temperatures wreak havoc on my mucus system.

Once again, I’ve taken to Buckley’s. My fellow Canadians know the wonders of this medicinal liquid. I’m low on the gel tablets so I’ve taken to the pure form in the bottle. Due to my infection my taste buds are a little dull at the moment which is my only saving grace right now. I use a long-handled dessert spoon so I can drop the fluid down the back of my throat otherwise I start gagging.

At first, it’s as if someone punches you in the gut because you can’t breathe. This medicine actually takes your breath away. Then, your eyes get watery and the tears roll down as you stand there, doing your best walrus impersonation, gulping for air. Yes, you stand there. (I don’t know how on earth anyone can take that medicine laying down, unless you are on death’s door.) Keep in mind, you are doing this all the while you feel like sh*t.

Once you start to get some air back into your lungs, you wonder for a moment if you did not accidentally ingest a spoonful of Vick’s Vapo Rub because that’s exactly what you would imagine that gunk tastes like. Once this thought comes to the forefront of your brain and you check to bottle to make sure, suddenly, you realize every ache in your face and head is gone. In fact you can’t remember the last time your sinus area felt so light and clear. You can breathe through your nose! It’s as if you ate a really really really strong peppermint candy. . . without the sweetness. You feel so good that you promptly find the nearest pillow and without propping it up, you lay your head down. As you lay there telling yourself the medicine wasn’t so bad after all, you quickly fall asleep. There you snore soundly for several hours.




4 thoughts on “Just One of them Days

  1. You just gave me an idea, Jamie. . . maybe I should start smuggling Buckley’s across the border. . . along with some Kinder Surprises of course. 🙂

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  2. Hope you are feeling better. Get well soon!
    Maybe I shouldn´t ask this so publicly, but do you have a new job? I have wished for good employment for you 🙂

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  3. Thank you, Sabine! I am starting to feel better, just a lingering nagging cough remains. You can ask anything here. . . I may not answer, but feel free to ask. 🙂 Nope, I have not found a job yet. That’s okay, I’m keeping myself busy around the house and volunteering for local outreach centers. When I see a job I think I may like, I apply but it’s not a desperate situation. Thanks for your positive thoughts none the less! Cheers.


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