A to Z Challenge: Q is for Quirks

Yes, I am still behind in my writing challenge so today I’m going to make the letter ‘Q’ as easy as possible. quirksQ is for quirks. We all have them, don’t try to pretend that you don’t. I have my fair share of them so I’ve come up with a list of things that make me special.

1. I don’t like taste testing the food I make. I leave that for my gal pal, sk.

2. Certain items in our home have a place where they stay/sit and that’s where they should stay. Do not move them.

3. I like my routines. They bring safety and security to my life. Don’t mess with my routines.

4. I sleep on the right side (when laying down) of the bed, at home or away.

5. If I am outside of the home and in need of a napkin, I take three. Not one or two, but three.

6. I do not eat meat outside of our home, unless it’s a sausage at the butcher shop here in town, which is where we purchase our meat products. Every Saturday when the weather is nice, the store sets up a grill in front of their store. Here you can get a freshly grilled homemade sausage or they will grill whatever you buy inside.

7. I drive with my left hand but for everything else I’m right-handed.

8. I’m overly detailed when telling a story and this drives sk bonkers. Apparently, her attention span has a limit.

9. I’m sarcastic.

10. If I want ice cubes in my drink, I use four. Ha, you thought I use three but nope, four it is.

These are just the first few quirks that came to mind. Unfortunately, there are more. Do you have any quirks you would like to share?



10 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge: Q is for Quirks

  1. oh lord I have many lol , I can’t function without coffee and drink anywhere between 8 and 14 cups per day! no lie!!

    I can not fall asleep at night unless my little black cat is laying beside me

    the toilet paper must ALWAYS be facing the front (over), never the back (under), and I have been known to change other peoples rolls around the right way!!

    I am painfully shy in person… yet deal with the public almost daily at my job and at my own business

    I am an avid movie collector, all my movies are shelved according to genre, and in alphabetical order , it drives me nuts if 1 is out of place

    I like my house clean but with some clutter, I like the lived in feel and dislike walking into houses that are so neat it looks like a showroom.

    I enjoy trading and bartering over actually buying something, which also conflicts with my shyness , but getting something I want/need without money is quite a rush.

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  2. I’m definitely with you on the toilet paper roll thing! Those others are just what makes you so special and it’s working for you with over 500 followers! 🙂 Take care, butch!

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  3. Donna is convinced I have Aspergers because I am so particular about certain things (like what lane I drive in and the exact point I like to change lanes on a regular route, that I have a favorite gas pump at our gas station, that I must take my thermos of coffee with me when I walk the dog….).

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  4. I am so with you on no 2. There is a place for everything and everything in its place. Then the padlock to any gate MUST be locked form right to left. I have been know to blow a fuse when it is not. And the toilet paper roll thing – yes, yes, yes! Maybe it is a butch thing? 😀

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  5. The toilet paper thing is a MUST – don’t put it the other way. I’ve been known to change it in other people’s homes too. My partner is convinced that switching the paper back to front or front to back each time the roll is changed is a good way to prevent senility (don’t ask) and if it’s the wrong way, I will switch it to the right way. We end up waging a silent toilet paper war until the roll runs out.

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  6. Sounds perfectly “normal” to me! I too have my own favorite gas pump at our local station. Best to you, Donna and Gracie! Cheers.


  7. I thought the toilet paper position was a common sense thing. . . and maybe only butches have that. 😉 Cheers, Kris!

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  8. Oh geesh, I would go nuts in your house! Messing with the ‘right’ way to put on a toilet paper roll is NOT funny. lol But what no one has mentioned is the replacing of the said toilet paper roll. I like to think it’s a most difficult task that only the butchest of us all can accomplish and so that’s why my lovely gal pal allows me the pleasure of this chore. Cheers.

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  9. A hilarious post. I don’t think I have too many quirks but my husband has quite a few, enough that our girls say he has CDO because even OCD should be in alphabetical order, according to him :).

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