A to Z Challenge: P is for Pictures


Indiana farm land


Big statue of a man outside of a store called The Tin Lizzy, located outside of Hartford City


Cemetery where my father is buried.

Since I did the driving during our trip to the States, my gal pal, sk, took the pictures. On the afternoon we went to my father’s grave site, I drove around where I grew up fascinating sk in the meantime by the amount of land my family once owned. The following pictures are all from the area where I was born and raised.


No matter how small the town, they always have a Chinese joint – ‘downtown’ Hartford City


A bad picture of the courthouse in Hartford City


Leaving Hartford City


They perform Civil War reenactments on the outskirts of Hartford City


Land my family used to own


More land my family used to own with the farm I grew up on in the distance.


Farm house I grew up in


Murals of businesses painted on the side of a building in downtown Montpelier, Indiana


More of the same on a building just across the street.


Statue of a Native American in the center of Montpelier, Indiana


American flags everywhere


More farm land



6 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge: P is for Pictures

  1. I do find it beautiful in a way, sk gets overwhelmed by the openness, but I am so happy to be back in Canada! Just about every city in the US, no matter how small, has a Chinese eatery. Thanks for reading and commenting, nmwords! Cheers.

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  2. It’s all about perspective. Growing up, we were a poor family farm. So poor, the bank took my Dad’s land. Take care, Kris! Cheers!


  3. I grew up on a smallholdings where my parents worked the land planting potatoes, but went bankrupt, so we share similar pasts. All the best to you and sk.

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