A to Z Challenge: K is for Kindness

I’m not sure if the following qualifies as “kindness,” but I need a word for the letter ‘k,’ so kindness it is and besides, I want to tell this story.

After our church service this past Sunday, many of us from the congregation stayed around for socializing. . . along with coffee and treats. During this time, a senior woman, I’d guess late 60s to early 70s, asked me a question that made every cell in my body smile. I know I had a silly grin on my face as I paused before responding.

She asked me, “Where’s your wife?” Sure, friends of mine from the States will make comments about my ‘wife’ but they are teasing me. They find it hard to believe my gal pal, sk, and I have gone several years living in a country where same-sex marriage is legal without walking down the aisle ourselves. However, I know this woman said those words to me in all sincerity. I’ll also admit, I really enjoyed hearing it said aloud. i_love_my_wife_t_shirt-rd99538ccbd1543379b855396a88399ed_8naxt_512

This is another example of how a simple act, a few simple words that so many take for granted mean more to us, those of us denied certain human rights. I find it interesting that this question came from a senior citizen, not a young person or someone of my generation but a person we, as a society, assume are ‘old fashioned’ and conservative. Sometimes I think we do not give our elders much credit and it is nice when they surprise us.




One thought on “A to Z Challenge: K is for Kindness

  1. Thank you for sharing this! I agree with you that it is these little things that make all the difference. I have found that it’s the older people and the younger ones who seem to be the most easy-going and inclusive. The most homophobic people I’ve come across have been around my age i.e. in the 30’s and 40’s age bracket. Oldies often surprise us with how cool they are!


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