A to Z Challenge: I is for Ice Cream

Who doesn’t enjoy some ice cream. . . maybe those who are lactose intolerant? In our house, ice cream is for special occasions or we might enjoy some once in a while when we are out and about. The last time we ate any was in March for my gal pal’s birthday. She specifically asked to share a banana split.

Now, the banana splits I am familiar with are those from my childhood with three mounds of vanilla soft-serve ice cream, each one with their own topping (chocolate, strawberry or pineapple syrups), mounds of whipped topping with one cherry on top. My Dad enjoyed these concoctions and would eat one per summer.download I did not share his appetite for them. So in the past, when my gal pal, sk, suggested we share a banana split, I declined.

Back in March, I couldn’t deny sk’s birthday request so off we went to share a banana split. We walked into the ice cream store that advertises how many flavors they serve. Sk could hardly contain her excitement as she informed the young man behind the counter what we wanted. He quickly grabbed a plastic container, peeled and sliced the banana, placed it delicately along the sides of the container then asked what three flavors of ice cream we would like. What?

I was completely confused. I didn’t understand. I stood at the cash register waiting to pay for our treat. What was taking so long? Sk started to take the long walk past all the different flavors, oohing and aahing as she went. She looked at me asking me what kind of ice cream I wanted. Why?

Finally, sk informed me we got to choose the flavors of the ice cream in our banana split. What?!?!? Am I the only 40-something-year-old person who did not know this? The toppings are also different! There is caramel, sprinkles and almonds available! And the best thing, each scoop of the ice cream of your choice gets it’s every own whole maraschino cherry.

Everything I knew about banana splits was turned upside down. I was so discombobulated, I picked out a flavor I’d never had before, pistachio with almonds. For the record, our banana split was delicious and we are looking forward to another special occasion in which to celebrate at the ice cream parlor.



6 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge: I is for Ice Cream

  1. Hehehe… discombobulated by a banana split! Shame on you, TLBTC! Just teasing. Haven’t had one for years. B loves ice cream – me, I will indulge now and then, but with fruit salad or a baked pudding – hmmmm!!! Take care.

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  2. Banana splits are my son’s favorite ice cream treat. We have a place here — Bruster’s, which is a chain in the states — that offers half price banana splits on a certain day of the week when you bring your own banana. Not a bad deal.

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  3. Hm, I wonder if I walked into our ice parlor here with my own banana they would offer me a discount. I like that place, Buster’s, they think outside the box. Cheers.


  4. I’m more of a one scoop kind of gal. I don’t do cones because I prefer to get those extra calories somewhere else. 🙂


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