A to Z Challenge: H is for Happy

My father’s funeral was this afternoon, so naturally this evening I’m writing about happiness. I need to find my smile. I need to find my laughter. To help me locate my happy, here’s a list to get me started.images (1)

1. DavidsTea ‘Love Tea’  – This is a dessert disguised as tea.

2. Our four-legged babies: Sophia, Raffy and Mikey.

3. Knowing I have a loving partner.

4. A good joke. I haven’t heard one lately so if you want to share your favorite joke, feel free.

5. Childhood memories of my recently departed Dad.

6. When good things happen to those in need.

7. Spending time with friends.

8. Baseball’s Opening Day – This day, along with the Super Bowl, should be national holidays. . . in my humble opinion.

9. Finding a button-down shirt that fits; butches you know what I’m talking about.

10. Road trips

Feel free to add onto this list of happiness.



12 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge: H is for Happy

  1. lol, Well, in my defense, my loving partner is over a thousand miles away right now visiting family in Manila. The cup of tea was much closer as I was writing that piece, as was a kitty. He was laying beside me. 🙂

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  2. I’m looking forward to it being warm enough to eat ice cream outside (and having the ice cream start melting). Also to the first cold beer on the first hot day.
    To feeling the sun on my body.
    To being warm enough to not wear layers.
    To finding anything that fits me properly and looks butch enough.

    It is amazing that you could turn H into happy on the day of a funeral. I would have turned H into something far more difficult to deal with.

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  3. Those are all great things! I have good days and bad days since his death but I know he is not suffering. Peace.

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  4. Totally agree with the cold beer, peanuts and game! Life doesn’t get much better than that! Cheers.


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