A to Z Challenge: G is for Guilt

Guilt, I believe, is one of the most destructive feelings a person can experience. I don’t know if I’ve experienced more guilt than the average person but I do distinctly remember my grandmother telling me “to put your guilt in your pocket.” I can’t recall the events that led up to my grandmother departing those words of wisdom but I know I did not have a clue what she meant.Β images

Several years ago, I gave up guilt for Lent. I’m not Catholic, nor very religious (more spiritual than anything) but my gal pal is so once in a while I play along with certain traditions. In those few weeks, I gave myself permission to be guilt-free. I did things that I believed to be in my best interest or just because that’s what I wanted. What a relief!

I learned how to identify people manipulating me, trying to make me feel guilty. Working me like a puppet to get me to do what they wanted simply by guilting (Is that a word?) me. No more my friends. Now, when ever that feeling starts to creep into my consciousness I tell myself “to put your guilt in your pocket.” Then, I smile and thank my grandmother.



13 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge: G is for Guilt

  1. I am just learning to be guilt free, I am still learning how not to be manipulated by people who use guilt to get what they want from me, I admire your ability to recognize and weed those that manipulate you out, I hope one day to be able to say the same πŸ™‚

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  2. Just be sure to empty those pockets once in a while, you don’t want to be bogged down by the weight of all that guilt. Peace.


  3. Guilt, blame, fault, vengeance: They are all pointless and destructive. They don’t change the past. They are a waste of time and energy. The only thing you can do with the past is learn from it.

    Forgiveness – forgiving myself, forgiving those who wronged me – set me free.

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  4. Yes, Family Values, those can all be terribly destructive. Thank you for reading and commenting. Cheers.

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  5. Well, I.L. Wolf, you can be like middleagebutch and wear cargo pants/shorts. πŸ™‚ Thank you for reading and commenting. Cheers.

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