Insects. I can’t say I’m a big fan of them. Luckily, my gal pal and I do not suffer from many creepy crawlies using our home as their base. There are certain times of the year when we spot something with more than four legs scurrying across our floor but not too many. I believe this is because we have three cats. Every single year we’ll get three or four of those big black ants. That’s all because they’ve gotten word back to their headquarters to abort their invasions. They signal back to base that in this home they are used as cat toys and will eventually meet an unpleasant death, so abort, abort!

However, this year we’ve experienced those little black ants. I first noticed them in the bathroom. Don’t ask me why, unless they like to eat soap there isn’t anything in there that would interest them. Not a few of those little things, but several were gallivanting around my clean tiled flooring. So I went to work and flushed them out; they really did not like my vinegar / water mixture. Let’s just say I held a mass burial for them at sea. That was it. No more ants. . . or so I thought.

To this day, every time I sweep in the bathroom I get one or two of those creatures. I don’t know if these are lone survivors I missed or kamikazes sent to check out the landscape. These little ants have no fear and why should they, our cats are not doing their job. I was in the bathroom the other day, sitting on the stool and I swear the following conversation took place with my little fella, Raffy, my bathroom buddy.

Rafael Joseph

Rafael Joseph

Me: (I see an ant on the floor.) Raffy. . . Raffy. . .Hey, Raff!

Raffy: (He slowly turns his head to look at me with his beautiful innocent green eyes.) Yes, Mommy?

Me: (Pointing to the ant with my right big toe.) Hey, get that ant for Mommy.

Raffy: What ant?

Me: Well, come here. It’s right there. (Still pointing to the ant with my toe.)

Raffy: (Slowly gets up, stretches, licks one of his paws then moseys over to me.) What ant? I don’t see an ant.

Me: Raffy, it’s right there in front of your face. (He bends to sniff my toe.) Rafael Joseph, the ant is right there. We are a family and there are certain responsibilities that we all must bear to make this household run smoothly and you know darn well that creepy crawlies are part of the cat’s detail.

Raffy: Mommy, I don’t see an ant, I swear, trust me. Yes, I’m a cat and I have wonderful vision. Do you even have your glasses on?

Me: Well, no. . .

Raffy: There you go. (And he walked away.)




2 thoughts on “Ants

  1. I think ours are just too lazy sometimes. . . you know, it’s all about their schedule. 🙂 Cheers.

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