Yes, I am an adult. However, there is nothing in this world that makes me chuckle and grin as much as seeing a sign or picture of a beaver; that furry creature that enjoys gnawing on trees to build damns along waterways. The word ‘beaver’ happens to have another definition. Now, I don’t know how universal this alternative meaning of the word is but just so we are all on the same page let me tell you right now the other meaning: the female nether region, va-jay-jay, hoo-ha or to be anatomically correct, the vagina.

I know! When my male gay friend informed me of this, I laughed and shook my head, thinking that was silly. . . beaver. . . for the vagina. . . and me being a lesbian. .  .ha ha ha. Then, one day we passed by a hardware store in Chicago, The Crafty Beaver. 348sAll of a sudden, the connotation was really funny. I wanted to get a t-shirt with their logo.

Since then, the word ‘beaver’ makes me behave as if I’m in junior high school and the word ‘boobies’ gets mentioned. This time though, I’m thirty years older. . .and I have a camera to document my amusement.

In 2008, my gal pal and I moved to the land of beavers, i.e. Canada. Many people outside of this great country imagine another animal, the moose, as a national symbol. However, it is my good fortune that the beaver became an official emblem of Canada on March 24, 1975. One year and one day after my birth. . .don’t you see? I am meant to be in Canada. The lesbian is meant to be with the beavers!

A friend of ours took us on our first outing in this new country. IMG_1537 (2)During this trip is where I saw my first beaver sign, Beaver Tails. (A beaver tail is a fried dough treat very similar to Elephant Ears in the USA.) So now, much to my gal pal’s chagrin, I try to document all the references to this wonderful animal. I chuckle, she just shakes her head and continues to walk ahead, putting as much distance between the two of us as I start clicking away. . . discreetly, of course.


6 thoughts on “Beavers

  1. The beaver was the mascot of the college I graduated from (MIT). It was said that the beavers are the engineers of the animal world and the MIT grad is the animal in the engineering world – and some guys thought that was clever. They also made beaver jokes about the “co-eds” i.e. the women students, which were juvenile and annoying. However, we all had some beaver paraphernalia and beavers are definitely cuter in cartoons than in person. Whatever turns you on!

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  2. There was a place near my former home called “Beaver Storage”, and outside was a beaver statue…. it must’ve been about 8 feet tall, with eyes spaced just a bit too far apart, and enormous front teeth. It’s how I would know I was halfway in to town!!

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  3. Perfect picture opportunity! And didn’t that beaver make you feel good, knowing that you were almost home. See, beavers makes us feel good. 😉 lol

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  4. I’m glad to see someone else has a great sense of humor. Thank you for reading, commenting and the re-blog! Cheers


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