I’m here to install. . .

A nice man from the front desk called to ask if it was okay for them to send a service guy up to install a new thermostat. service manOf course, I replied in the positive and he then assured me “Dean” would be right up for the installation. I like the idea of having a thermostat. I think every home should own at least one. We have one conveniently located in our living room. I say conveniently because it’s at eye level and I pass it each time I enter or leave that room. When I do, I almost always take a peek to see what the temperature is. I do this several times a day. I don’t know why but its become a habit.

We do not have a ‘front desk.’ I hope whoever Dean is installing one for will appreciate it as much as I do mine. I will consider this my good deed for the day.



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