One of these things is not like the others. . .

1st Grade Class Photo


I found the above photo a few weeks ago on a social media website I won’t mention. I’m in this photo. The year is 1979 or 1980, that should answer some of your questions concerning the dress code. I haven’t seen this class picture in many years. What I just realized at the age of 40, is that I’m the only girl in the front row not wearing a dress. Apparently, even as a young child in 1st grade I didn’t give a shit about what others thought and realized how fortunate I was to have parents let me dress in clothes I preferred. But hey, at least I sat up straight and had my knees together . . . like a proper little “lady.”



4 thoughts on “One of these things is not like the others. . .

  1. I won’t hold that against you, Linux. No dress for me then, certainly no dress for me now. 😉 Cheers.


  2. Well, that’s another thing I didn’t notice until you pointed that out, JR. I’m going with the fact that it was a very sunny day and made practically everyone’s hair to look like a shade of blonde. In my defense, my hair got darker the older I became so now it’s really dark and I’m trying to get some white/grey hairs to look closer to my age. Once again, thanks for reading and commenting, JR. Cheers.


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