The Fam

I don’t know if I’ve ever introduced our four-legged family members in a previous post or not and I’m too lazy to scroll through to check, so here are a few photos of our babies. Sadly, our fish, Hank, passed recently and no photos exist.

First up is Miss Sophia Rose. She roamed the streets of Ames, Iowa, before my boss’s daughter found her sitting on the sidewalk outside of her sorority house. This little bundle of love originally went by Lilly, but my gal pal, sk, did not care for that name in particular and picked Sophia. We welcomed her into our home, November 2005. Coincidentally, that is the same time sk and I cohabitated. Sk gave me the okay to stay for a few days to help take care of our new girl, I never left. So you could say that sk and I are together because of Sophia!

Miss Sophia Rose


Sophia is the matriarch of the family and rules the roost. There is a reason why I call her Miss Hissy Pants. However, she is just so darn lovable you can not stay mad at her for too long. Plus, she has the softest fur of any cat I’ve ever felt. Sometimes we joke about turning her pelt into a nice boa. . . oh, we just kid. If we were serious we could sell her to make shiu mai (Chinese dumpling) and a boa.

Our Ate in Chicago fell in love with her from the moment they met. Come Christmas time, Sophia’s Ate spoiled her rotten. Here she is rolling around all the toys Ate gave to her one Christmas. Sophia rolling around her xmas gifts







And then came Rafael Joseph (Raffy) in 2007. My mother took in what she thought was a young, starving, male kitty. What she got was a sick, pregnant little female friend. This friend had five babies and we took one so Sophia could have a play mate.Raffy sticking out tongue


Raffy is more attached to me than sk, but he does miss her when she doesn’t pay enough attention to him. We call this one our “Wal-Mart Greeter” because when there is someone at the door, he is right there to say hello. He thinks he is just as important as the adults and insists on being included when there is a group of people convened in our home. Therefore, we must set-up a chair for him to use when we do have guests, otherwise he will occupy the first chair that becomes available, leaving a human without a place to sit. Between you and me, sk, has been known to make sure Raffy has his own chair at the dinner table. He doesn’t go after the food or anything like that, he just has to be with us like a human.

Raffy watching tvI’m just including this next photo because I find it cute. This is Raffy watching tv during our Christmas party of 2008. Once in a while we still catch him watching tv even to this day but this photo is of the first time he did it. He’s just too cute sometimes.





Lastly, we come to Michelangelo (Mikey). He’s like Cher in that he only needs or has one name. Mikey is Raffy’s brother and they do not get along. He is an absolute sweetheart. His only goal in life is to be loved. Mikey asleepYes, he has his quirks. Take the food bowls for example. We have three bowls so each one has their own, although they eat out of whichever one strikes their fancy at the time. If Mikey sees Sophia or Raffy heading in the direction of the food bowls or if he even thinks they maybe going that way, he races ahead to beat them there.

He loves to be brushed and will allow you to stroke him until your arm falls off. He loves to head-butt but sometimes he will come up to you and just stand there with his head against you. He is definitely a lover and not a fighter.

The other two kitties got two photos so I’ll add another one of Mikey. I call this one his glamour shot. He’s a bit cross-eyed but that just makes him more endearing.












Anyway, these are the ones make us smile and warm our feet on those cold winter nights. Cheers.

Update: My gal pal pointed out that I did not explain Mikey’s background and how he came to be part of our family. I can’t play favorites with the other two, right? So, here we go:

Actually, bringing Mikey into our home was sk’s idea. My Mom suffered major medical issues in 2009 and had to be put into a nursing home for care. Sk suggested we bring home one of her cats in case my Mom would eventually be able to move back into her house.

After a vet visit to make sure he was up-to-date on his shots and the proper documentation to move him to another country, we brought him home with us. He did not make a sound for the entire 8 – 9 hour trip. Upon arrival, we quickly changed his name. My Mom had named him Rhett. That did not go well with Sophia and Raffy. This little guy needed something more dignified. We settle on Michelangelo and he’s been with us ever since.

Now, you know the whole story.



15 thoughts on “The Fam

  1. Thanks, missouri. We think so too so I guess we’ll keep them. Thank you so much for reading and taking the time to comment. Cheers.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you, Claire. You’re absolutely correct, they each have their own unique personalities. Take care. Cheers.


  3. They are indeed special and each of their personalities fills a niche in our family that endears them to both of us. Thank you, femmewifemom, for reading and taking the time to comment. Cheers.


  4. When my first live-in girlfriend and I were together (11 years), we started with two little kitties pawned off by little tiny girls on bikes. How could I resist? Then they got pregnant, and stayed that way and after awhile we couldn’t seem to give away the kitties like we could at first (never thought of dumplings, dammit!) and we couldn’t seem to catch them when they weren’t either pregnant or not nursing to have them spayed, so….don’t make fun of me, I’m old now, at one point, and there is a photo somewhere…we had…wait for it….17 cats at one point. Yes. It’s not a misprint. Seventeen. Dear God. And we ran out of names at some point, especially when the one kept having twins…so at different times, we had BA(Bad Ass) and Sneezy (the original two). We also had Jeff, Princess (later changed to One-Eye, figure it out), Salt, Pepper, One, Two, Fugly (poor thing was fuckin’ ugly) and a ton of others as they came and went over the years. When we were down to just Jeff, (declawed, needy, inside only Jeff), we moved and swore there would be no more. And every time I’m back home and I see a black and orange calico, I do wonder if there goes one of BA’s great-great-great-great x 27-grandchildren. *wipes a tear*


  5. lol, you’re just a big softie with all your kitties. 🙂 And no, I’m not poking fun. . . there has to be people out there to support stereotypes (crazy cat lady) otherwise they just aren’t funny. lol Cheers!

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  6. Salamat! We think they are pretty cute but then again, we might be a bit biased. Cheers.


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