Senior Logic #1

Monday morning at work:Senior Exercise

Me: (Knock, Knock) Hey Lois, it’s 10 o’clock, are you coming down for exercises?

Lois: Oh, I don’t think so dear, my birthday is on Friday.


How do you respond to that? Lois, 1, Me, 0.




5 thoughts on “Senior Logic #1

  1. My residents come up with many excuses not to exercise but I think Lois outsmarted me with that one. Thank you for reading and commenting! Hope your recovery is going quickly. Take care. Cheers.


  2. LOL! I’m totally intrigued, maybe because my name is Lois, but I would respond the same way, if my birthday was coming up. The reason being that I would want to save up my energy for a great party. Mmmm, lovely!


  3. Thank you for reading and commenting. Actually, I do not use my residents real names in any of my writings so I just thought of Lois out of thin air. This resident is 90+ in age so you are probably right about the energy. 🙂 Cheers.


  4. I found it funny that you chose that name, for I only hear it being associated with SuperMan, LOL! But, it was a cool scenario, I will definitely be reading more of your posts and don’t be surprise to see me reflagging on Sunday. LP


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