Where The Wheels Don’t Roll

My gal pal, sk, and I went camping for the first time by ourselves. The fact that I got her to agree to go out into a wooded area is not unusual but to agree to spend the night needed some smooth talking. Her vacations consist of traveling to places where the wheels on her luggage are not impeded.

Elora Gorge

Elora Gorge

You know that adage about not truly knowing a person until you travel with them?. I think there is some truth to that but even more so when the two of you go camping. Camping is when you will see each other through thick and thin and you will sink or sail along nicely. I mean, think about it, if you and that special someone are traveling together, that’s great but when the two of you are away from modern technology there are so many pieces left out. . . like flushing toilets. When you are camping are you or are you with someone who scoffs at using a vaulted toilet (no flushing, just a hole in the ground) or grabs the toilet paper roll and looks at it as a time to improve their hovering skills?

Sadly, I am a scoffer. I need a flushing toilet. I’m not very good at hovering and the good lord knows I can only hold my breath for so long. I would much rather do my business behind a tree but luckily we had the luxury of a “comfort station” almost directly across from us. Not only did the toilets go “whoosh” but this building had showers as well. Sk and I could easily shower each evening for $.75. Even with the exchange rate that is clearly a bargain. So much so, I would gladly have paid double.

All kidding aside, this trip held much at stake. Our previous camping adventure with a couple of friends did not go as planned. We learned many valuable lessons such as inner tubes can puncture and sk is a bit claustrophobic. This was my last chance at showing her how much fun and relaxing the camping experience can be. Over $600 later, I had everything we needed. Ironically, sk, said no to the mattress because we have “plenty of blankets and besides, we have adult sleeping bags this time.”
10514917_10152539216929700_947329415_n (2)We stayed at the Elora Gorge Conservation Area for three nights. Sk got the impression somewhere along the way we would only be there for the weekend. I waited until that first night, after our showers, lying there trying to ignore the hard ground and ruminating about our first day accomplishments to inform her that we still had two more lovely nights and that’s when she decided we needed a mattress.

With the exception of some of the FIFA World Cup games, we didn’t miss any of our everyday conveniences. . . especially after we bought the mattress. The camping wasn’t perfect but we made it through some trying times. For two people who had never set up camp before, we managed pretty well, I only needed one time out. We also experienced a couple of rainstorms but thanks to that 8-person tent sk just had to have, we enjoyed plenty of room for all our gear, sleeping quarters plus a dining/sitting area.

Our time away was such a success that sk put me in charge of locating a new campground for us to discover. . . no wheeled luggage required.





2 thoughts on “Where The Wheels Don’t Roll

  1. Don’t take her backpacking…
    I’ve camped in some rustic campgrounds and in the desert – where the sand dunes were my own personal litter box – I’ll take the flush toilets and showers. Looks like a beautiful spot.


  2. We do day hikes and that’s about it but sk doesn’t do “manual labor” so backpacking might be pushing it. 🙂 A friend and I backpacked across Scotland several years ago. I can’t imagine sk doing that but hell, I don’t know if I would want to do something like that again at my age or not. Luckily, we have lots of beautiful places around here to explore: waterfalls all around us, the Bruce Trail runs close by plus we are in a conservation area. Thank you again for reading and commenting! Cheers.


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