Lucky Eleven

I have the “Master Number 11” as my “Life Plan Number.” I readily admit, I have no clue what this all means. A part of me is curious about the topic of astrology but not so much that I take the time to study and possibly learn anything. Besides, the number eleven suits me just fine. How could I not like a number that when translated into german is “elf?” Eerie, isn’t it?astrology

The whole topic of astrology came up at work the other day. A couple of my co-workers are going through some difficult times; one lost her husband a few months ago and another buried her mother recently. Needless to say it’s been an emotional time at the office and as some of you may recall from past posts, I do not do emotions very well. This past week, I walked in on these two ladies having a conversation about numerology and astrological signs. Immediately it was clear they knew much more about this than I and what they said peaked my interest.

Having nothing better to do while watching the Chicago Blackhawks stink up the ice in game four and as a proper historian would do, I Googled “numerology birth chart.” That is how I came across Cafe Astrology .com. This site offers free birth chart and numerology readings. A bit of a warning though: apparently only those of us born in the USA have natal charts. Who knew? If you were born anywhere else in the world, sorry, none for you.

Much of the information the site provided for my numerology report was interesting, nothing too hocus-pocusy. (It’s my blog, I can create new words if I want.) That was until I came to “The 4 Challenges” section. The first three were okay, but then I skimmed ahead to find out the fourth number before reading the explanation. 0 . . . that is my 4th challenge number. Uh-oh, zero isn’t usually a good number. I didn’t like it from the moment I set eyes on it.

If I understand the time period associated with these four challenges and if my math is correct, this zero stage shall begin somewhere around the age of 45 and last the rest of my life. Having a 0 at this stage means I am an old soul and I get to enjoy free will. I must say that is comforting and doesn’t totally surprise me. I often joke with my gal pal, sk, that I am an old soul. That’s my explanation for my affinity towards historical and antique items. Sometimes it works, sometimes not so much. Hence the okay from sk to display my grandmother’s candy dish but a definite no to her handmade doily tablecloth.

Then, I got to the last sentence of the paragraph describing the last challenge of my life. “Indeed, the gravity of the responsibility which comes with a 0 challenge is tremendous, because how you choose to address your 0 challenge will profoundly affect the lives of those around you, and, possibly, the entire world.” The entire world? Really? Come on, that’s way too much pressure to put on a senior citizen.

I had no idea I am so powerful. Here I’ve been, planning for a nice retirement with the love of my life. Maybe buy a condo so we don’t have the burden of owning a house. Deciding where we want to travel. Sk will finally have the time and space for her art and I’ll have all day for all my little projects I keep thinking of and starting but never finishing. Oh, but wait, I just may have the responsibility of the entire world on my shoulders. Who wanted a quite retirement anyway? 


2 thoughts on “Lucky Eleven

  1. Eleven also translates to “elf” in Afrikaans – makes it all the more powerful, hey? 🙂


  2. I was not aware of the Afrikaans translation! See, I learn something new every day. Thank you, krisalex333, for reading and taking the time to comment. Peace.


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