Butchin’ Up Suzy

Suzy Homemaker

Suzy Homemaker

I’ve been in a transition mode lately. I’m still practicing yoga. . . more accurately, there is a single position that I enjoy and I do that one every morning.  I’m able to notice the emotional changes that happen within my body and can take steps to avoid an “episode.” Verbalizing those emotions / feelings is coming along slowly. I know, it sounds so easy but some times in life what we may consider to be simple can be the most difficult to accomplish.

My gal pal, sk, and I celebrated many highs over the last several weeks. The two biggest being our 11th anniversary and sk’s new job. We kept the anniversary low-key and intimate because the new job is taking some time to get used to, for both of us. Sk switched to a different area of her field so she is gaining a great deal of experience and enjoying the diversity of the area. That’s the great news because the old adage is true: a happy wife is a happy home.

The downside is that this job is quite a distance from our home. Luckily, her aunt lives very close to her office so sk is staying with her during the week. . .  and that leaves me alone with the cats. Now, I’m doing my part to be supportive but of course, I miss sinta ko (sk). This opened the door for a whole new round of discussing those damn feelings. Remember, sk, is a therapist and loves nothing more than to talk about emotions. I find that time very painful.

My role now is to tend to the home front. Sk has her very own life-size Suzy Homemaker doll. Not only do I take care of the expected duties in the house: dusting, mopping, laundry, dishes, etc., but I’ve expanded my forte. I cook and bake not only for myself but for sk and her aunt. The aunt does not cook and sk does not have time once she gets to the aunt’s house in the evenings to make a nutritious home cooked meal so I create dishes for my two favorite Filipinas during the week, package and freeze the food then send it all back with sk when she leaves on Monday mornings.

Not only do I cook home-made goodies to eat but I also make hand soap, body wash and deodorant. F*ck Suzy! I don’t remember sweet little Suzy doing any of those chores. My lady’s skin is sensitive so who stepped up to the plate to make sure there are products she can use that don’t bother her? I did. . . that gesture alone should express my concern, love and respect for her so why do I need to verbalize it?


4 thoughts on “Butchin’ Up Suzy

  1. The situation does present some ups and downs but for the most part, we are doing well. . . I’ve been mopping up a storm this winter. Cheers!


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