Making Progress

A new year, lots of changes and I am ready to enjoy 2014. I will admit, I dreaded the holidays. I could not find the energy to enjoy them personally or at work with my residents. Part of that was due to some of the changes I alluded to. Plans and events got scaled down. I found myself relieved, unburdened in a way that never happened before during the holiday season. Little did I know, this turned out to be a blessing and my life is so much better.self improvement

For several years I’ve told my gal pal, sk, I’m not a deep person, that my emotions are pretty basic and uncomplicated. A month a go, I could easily list them: happy, sad, frustrated, hungry and tired. At any time if anyone asked me how I felt, I can guarantee you my answer would be one of those five. Sk informed me she thought I kept my feelings pushed down to avoid them. Geesh, what the hell would she know about my emotions, right?

Besides being beautiful, my lovely lady is quite brainy. . . and a therapist, so it turns out she did know a thing or two about my feelings. One day out of the blue I found them. All those damn emotions I buried came bursting to the surface, we are talking about a volcanic-like eruption.  I have f*ckin’ feelings! Luckily, no one got hurt.

Since then, I’m learning to verbally express my feelings. Just the thought of that still makes me grimace but I will admit that sharing is slowly becoming easier. I’ve also started some yoga moves. No, this butch is not farting in a yoga class. Sk showed me three positions for relieving stress. The cobbler pose is my favorite and I must be doing something right because when my gal pal peeked in the room to make sure I was okay, I was snoring.

Okay, maybe falling asleep isn’t the goal in yoga. I have more to learn but I am a work in progress. And that’s the key, making progress.



4 thoughts on “Making Progress

  1. Have I told you yet that you’re very lucky to have sk? From what I’ve been reading, she’s a great person and the more you should trust her because she just wants the best for you. So next time she tells you not to sleep during yoga, listen. :p


  2. Feelings are the worst sometimes but it’s probably good yours surfaced?! I’m not sure. At least your in good hands with sk!


  3. Sk is one of the best things that’s happened in my life! Yes, she is a great person and I do listen to her. . . for the most part. 😉


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