Day 7: Gratitude Journal

Benefits of GratitudeAnother quickie tonight:

1. I woke up on time today and that is rare for a Sunday.

2. I even enjoyed church this morning. I’ve had some issues with it lately but I’m trying to work through them with the help of my gal pal, sk. In place of a sermon (thank goodness), the choir performed Missa St Bernardi von Offida in B-flat major and it was awesome.

3. Sk’s extended family members are all accounted for in the Philippines.

4. The Saints are kickin’ some Cowboy booty in the Sunday Night Football game and this pleases me greatly.

5. Yesterday, I received a disconcerting late-night phone call in regards to a family member, but by midnight all was well.

No time this evening to reflect on my entries or the purpose of this journal. No worries, all is well and my spiritual battery continues to refill. Peace.


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