Day 6: Spiritual Battery is still Recharging

quotation-gratitudeThese gratitude journal entries are indeed getting easier, meaning I can pound them out quicker without straining too hard.

1. I took today off, from everything. I did nothing. . . and it was gooooood!

2. I talked to my favorite Aunt in Mississippi tonight. The news I shared wasn’t all that nice but catching up with her was. I am fortunate, lucky, blessed (whatever word you want to use) to have her in my life. Since 2009, she’s becoming more and more like a second mother to me.

3. I feel so safe and warm all snuggled up in my bed quilt  – so much so I don’t care how un-butch that sounds. In this quilt is where I spent most of my day; snoozing, keeping tabs on the news and working crossword puzzles.

4. I am so grateful my gal pal’s immediate family members are safe in the Philippines. We are still awaiting word from extended members of her family but we are hopeful.

5. I found half a Rolo candy bar, pretty tasty!

I looked back upon my first few journal entries and I do believe my writing is a bit more uplifting, lighter. Some might go so far as to say, chipper. Peace.


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