Day 5: Gratitude Journal

Gratitude is the key to life's abundance

This one will be a quickie:

1. Today is Friday.

2. After reading/watching/hearing the horror taking place in the Philippines, I’m so grateful for my chilly cloudy fall day here in Canada. Monetary donations first and then balikbayan boxes will be sent out in the near future to help those recovering from the typhoon.

3. My favorite co-worker returned to the office after being absent for 10 days. . . 10 long days.

4. I get to sleep in tomorrow.

5. We decided to celebrate American Thanksgiving this year so we will begin those preparations over the weekend. Thankful we have the food, time and energy to offer our new friends and family-like members.

That’s it, just five entries again today. Maybe soon I’ll be able to bump it up to eight or ten because I can already tell a difference in my attitude, besides thinking of items to list for this daily gratitude journal is less painful than when I first started. At least my outlook on life is slightly better than it was five days ago. I’m not expecting a miracle, I’m okay with working for what I want. It’s all about that damn process, right? Peace.


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