Day 3 – Gratitude Journal

Gratitude is the single most important ingredi...

My gal pal, sk, finally looked at me today and said, “you really need a vacation, don’t you?” I’ve said this for the last couple of months. I don’t care what anyone calls it; vacation, a break or mental health day. . .I just need something to keep my sanity. With that in mind, today’s journal entry shall be interesting.

1. I’m alive and breathing.

2. I’m still keeping up with my exercise routine.

3. I stood up for myself today at work.

4. A co-worker, on her day off, brought in coffee and donuts to share. I did not partake in either but I did appreciate her thoughtfulness and sat for several minutes visiting with her.

5. Sk and I treated ourselves to a dinner out this evening.

6. Enjoyed some laughs and a relaxing afternoon activity with my residents at work.

I added one to the list today just for good measure. I do not know how many days my spiritual battery will take to recharge. I can only hope that I started this gratitude journal in the nick of time before my battery became totally drained. Peace.


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