My Spiritual Battery

A positive attitude changes everything.

Where did all my positive spiritual energy go? I do not know. What I do know is that my spiritual battery is low. So low that I find it hard to find any rays of hope in all aspects of my life. This tells me that it’s definitely time for me to revisit my gratitude journal and start making some entries. Once I start looking, I will find some positives, it might just be a small glimmer but it will be there, and that in turn will lead to more positive energy and gradually my spiritual battery will recharge.

Here we go. . .

1. The Chicago Bears play tonight on Monday Night Football. . . unfortunately they are playing against Green Bay but I digress, I’m focusing on the good, remember?

2. My job. . . the fact that I have one.

3. Today was a beautiful fall day.

4. I’m warm and my belly is full.

5. Cable channel 143, DejaView – I enjoyed a free month preview during the month of October. Today is November 4th, and the channel is still available. Watched the Cousin Liz episode of “All in the Family” last night. It’s been awhile since I laughed that hard.

Five is all I can handle tonight. Hey, it’s a starting point.



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