From a Distance



Life can seem cruelly unfair at times. I keep reminding myself that no one ever promised me my life would, in fact, be fair. When times are good, physical distance from loved ones can act as a buffer, allow freedom and individuality but when life throws a curve ball, that same distance you relish becomes a retaining wall keeping you from being where you want and feel you need to be. From a distance, I’m able to keep a more level head, make the calls and decisions with my brain instead of listening to my breaking heart. In the end, I will take that journey back. I’m dreading every moment and I don’t know how I will survive the pain but if I let that divide keep me from returning, I don’t know how I could live with myself for not being there. Yeah, sometimes life really does suck.


9 thoughts on “From a Distance

  1. Coordinating my Mom’s end of life wishes between nursing home/hospice/doctor with her sisters and brother in four states and me in a different country. Not fun and a bit stressful. Oh, and sk’s passport is getting ready to expire and they do not expedite them.


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