A Reminder is Nice

Webster's Falls

Sometimes in life it’s good to be reminded just how physically beautiful our world is. Sk and I are very lucky in that department. We live in a small valley town, topographically located at the bottom of the Niagara Escarpment, right next to Greenbelt and conservation designated areas. We are among the land of the waterfalls and have over 100 of them, all within a half hour drive. Outdoor activities are bountiful and each season provides breathtaking views. My gal pal is enjoying all the trees, more precisely she loves the smell of said trees, please keep in mind she always lived in a metropolitan area up until we moved here five years ago.  She will roll the windows down while riding in the car just to smell the pine. It’s a good thing she’s beautiful otherwise. . . oh, just kidding. I’ve changed careers, jobs and countries for this woman, I might as well keep her.

Yeah. . . sometimes a reminder of the beauty around us makes life easier to bear.


3 thoughts on “A Reminder is Nice

  1. Precisely this is why I love running in the forest so much, there are just some places on this earth that make you forget all the ugliness of overstuffed noisy cities and just breathe and be happy. Glad you’re enjoying your adopted country so much.


  2. Wow, running? That would ruin the moment for me, more of a hiker / backpacker. I don’t run unless someone is chasing me or scoring is involved. 🙂 Thank you, yes we are enjoying our new home and less hectic lifestyles.
    Thank you again for reading and commenting! Peace.


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