One Happy Butch

The LBTC, thank you for that handle mothlit, is happy. Happier than I’ve been in months and it’s all because of one thing: football. More precisely, American Football, not the international game everyone else calls football except those of us in North America, we call that game soccer. Don’t get me wrong, I like a good soccer match just as much as the next lesbian, especially if we’re talking women’s soccer. One word: yummy. My gal pal, sk, surprised me this year for my birthday with tickets to the “Olympic rematch” of the women’s USA versus Canada soccer clubs. Oh my, words can not describe the eye candy on display. . . sorry, where was I? Oh, yes, football. The new NFL logo went into use at the 2008 draft.

Here in Canada, we have the Canadian Football League (CFL). It’s almost like the AAA of Major League Baseball in that most of the football players in the CFL use it as a stepping stone to play in the NFL, National Football League, in the US. For a multitude of reasons, those men didn’t make any of the squads of the NFL so they head North, where there is a game very similar to that of the NFL but if you watch it for a few minutes you realize it’s a different species all together.

I realize the NFL season hasn’t officially started yet (Pre-season doesn’t count, that’s just a tease.) but I can feel the excitement radiating from my southerly neighbor. The CFL is in week 9 of their season. This means I’ve been in anticipation mode now for nine long weeks. Finally, the kick-off to the 2013 season is within eyesight. I’m getting giddy. This is better than the tingling excitement I felt as a kid on Christmas Eve.

Now, I can hear some of you groaning aloud about how the next few months will surely feel like torture for sk. May I point out that I survived her watching the first season of Orange is the New Black. I was able to keep up for the first three or four episodes and then, dare I say, I totally lost all interest but sk thoroughly enjoyed the entire season. Hey, there are trade-offs in all relationships, right?. So, am I ready for some football? Hell, yeah!


3 thoughts on “One Happy Butch

  1. Are you sure it’s the sport you like or the eye candies? Maybe that’s why it’s torture for sk. LOL What’s sk like when it comes to soccer? I’m intrigued. 😀

    I can totally relate with you two, though. I also watched the entire first season of OITNB and liked it. But when I asked my gf to watch it, I think she only saw the first ep in fast forward. She said the pacing is too slow. I was like, of course it is, it’s prison!


  2. Oh no, sk, is right there along side of me enjoying the eye candy of the women’s soccer team. In fact she’s the one with the camera taking all the photos. 🙂 She’s a big fan of Hope Solo. Unfortunately for her though, Hope was still recovering from an injury so didn’t make the trip with the rest of the team. Sk was very disappointed. lol


  3. Why have I never imagined you were actually going to the arena? I thought you were just watching TV. =p

    Aw, too bad she didn’t make it. But I’m sure there are other eye candies out there. That is, if sk won’t see it as two-timing Hope. LOL


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