Two lesbians and two kitties are in a U-haul. . .

The Little Butch That Could in a U-Haul

The Little Butch That Could in a U-Haul

So, there were these two lesbians with their two cats in a U-Haul. . . sounds like the beginning of a joke, doesn’t it? Actually that is what sk and I did five years ago when we moved to Canada. Five years seems like a long time but in reality some days it feels as if we’ve been in our new country only five months and yet there are times it seems I’ve been here all my life. Once in a great while, there are also instances when I forget that I’m physically in another country called Canada.

sk and I spent a good portion of our anniversary evening reminiscing about that event in our lives. Luckily for us, enough time had passed that we could laugh at those bumps in the road and it’s been a long time since we’ve laughed that hard. Hindsight is 20/20 but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to point out that instead of buying that Flip camera to document the experience, a GPS unit probably would have been a smarter purchase. Although, had we been that intelligent we wouldn’t have such wonderful memories and stories, now would we?

If we had a GPS unit. . . we would have missed our two-hour driving tour of Detroit, Michigan nor would we have met those nice people who helped steer us in the right direction. I still do not understand how it took us so long to find the bridge leading to Canada. Even with the construction you would think we would be able to see a big, tall, red bridge and could use that to guide us. That would have been too simple but here is an FYI (For Your Information) for city members who are in charge of deciding where detour signs shall be placed during road construction of major roadways in a metropolitan area: do NOT use the city of Detroit as an example of proper planning.

If we had a GPS unit. . . we would have missed the nighttime starlit tour of rural SW Ontario. We were within a half-hour of our destination and had been in that moving van for over seventeen hours when up ahead in the middle of the road sat a police car, blocking our path. A semi had overturned therefore shutting down the main highway leading in and out of the town we were trying to get to reach. That is how we ended up taking our first scenic route.

If we had a GPS unit. . . we would have missed our daytime tour of rural SW Ontario, scenic route #2, for those of you keeping track at home. Unfortunately, this time we can not blame an overturned semi, just our poor navigational skills using online maps.

If we had a GPS unit. . . we would have missed out on all the subsequent tours, scenic routes and detours that let us see our beautiful new country. To be absolutely truthful, we did this even when we had a GPS. A friend of sk let us borrow her unit while scouting around for a place to live. sk and I both thought, “Great! Our day will be so much easier now, what could possibly go wrong?” Two people who had never used a GPS is what went wrong. sk set the destination and placed the unit on her lap since the friend did not give us the mount for the windshield. sk quickly fell asleep but I felt comfortable with the sexy lady voice directing me to our next destination, a suburb about 40 minutes or so outside of Toronto. (Please note at this time neither one of us had been to the city of Toronto.) During the drive, the GPS slipped from sk’s lap onto the floor, waking sk. My gal pal retrieved the unit and held the device in place so it would not slip off her lap again.

CN Tower - This meant we were in trouble.

CN Tower – This meant we were in trouble.

The sexy voice still talked to me so I was confident we would arrive shortly. Next thing I know, I’m looking at the CN Tower (located in the heart of Toronto) pass by her window. I started tapping sk’s leg waking her and then she has the nerve to ask me what I’m doing in Toronto. Well. . . sexy lady voice led me there!

Good times. . . good times. It still took us a year or so to purchase a GPS. Our friends/family members began getting frustrated with us because we were almost always late to every function. Eventually, we succumbed to the pressure and bought a navigational system. Now the sexy lady voice that directs me while I’m driving has a name, Genie. However, she still gets a work out when we travel to a new destination. Only this time we don’t get lost or take scenic routes, now we “recalculate.”


7 thoughts on “Two lesbians and two kitties are in a U-haul. . .

  1. Sorry, forgot to answer your question. . . we wanted to stay together so we picked a country where we could legally be together. 🙂


  2. Gay marriage was legalized in Canada in 2005, gays could serve openly in the military since 1992. . .Canada is one of the most progressive, if not the most progressive, nation outside of Europe concerning homosexuality. That doesn’t mean we don’t have hate crime, we do, but in general urban centers like Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal are quite gay-friendly.


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