A new low?


A receptionist asked my partner, sk, who is turning 50 next month if I (almost 40) was her son. . .while I was in the same room. . . sitting within earshot. *sigh* What can I do? I wonder if anyone has added grey to their hair. . .


9 thoughts on “A new low?

  1. Yikes. Of course, this reminded me of the time when I was asked if my partner(just turned 30) was my mother (almost 29). I still to this day, don’t know where this came from!


  2. Maybe I could blame poor lighting in the waiting room? Sometimes I am left speechless, this was one of those times. . .
    Thank you again for your comments! Cheers.


  3. I don’t understand why some people feel the need to know what the relationship is. It was obvious the receptionist had no clue, so why ask? My partner is Asian, I’m as pale as one can get; did she think I was adopted? I think these comments come from nosy people, not sure, just a guess. Cheers.


  4. Donna and I have a pretty big age difference so we get mother/son or aunt/nephew every once in while. I think that the “offender” gets that there is a family relationship in how you look and interact with each other, and is looking for a relationship that seems “acceptable” to them because they can’t see a lesbian relationship unless they are literally hit over the head with it (“but they seemed so nice!”). Some people are really dense.


  5. Okay, I’ll buy that, even though there is not a huge age difference. This receptionist, or “offender” which makes me smile, is dense AND nosy. . .not a good combo. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. Cheers.


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