Our TV is Gay

What a good day! Snow emergency declared this afternoon while Cub fans everywhere, or at least those of us on FB, were reminded that Opening Day at Wrigley Field is only two months away! As an added bonus, I continue to feel better. I’m starting to get some of my sass back. . .unfortunately just in time to take care of sk who pulled up sick last night. Ah, c’est la vie, what can I do?

I’m not sure exactly how it would be to live inside a snow globe but I have a feeling it would feel very similar to what I experienced today. While most folks enjoyed a day at home to snuggle up in their favorite blankey to watch an old movie or read a good book, I went to work. For those of you keeping score of my lesbian butch points at home, please mark down I do not have a favorite blankey.

snow globe

snow globe (Photo credit: Nadia Hung Photography)

After my last post I feel the need to preserve or somehow add to my butch points, if possible.  Shhhh, actually any soft, fluffy, warm piece of cloth I can snuggle up in would suffice as a blankey for me but no, I don’t have a single favorite.

The snow and it’s havoc brought hours of entertainment to my residents at work. Our sunroom, which is halfway enclosed by large windows and a set of patio doors, made us feel like we were indeed in a real snow globe. Some residents sat there most of the day without taking a nap in order to keep an eye on our neighbors and their various solutions to the same problem of what to do with almost a foot of snow? We watched a trio of teenage boys rush from one stuck car to the next offering their shoveling services for a small price. Because of our valley location, the terrain has many hills thus providing even more entertainment for all us watching vehicles slither and slide. We were in the process of taking bets (Not real bets, that would be. . .well, illegal.) on one particular little truck whose driver seemed to mistake sliding sideways as making progress up a slight incline when I was called away to the telephone.

Sk was on the other end of the line. The last time I looked at her before heading out the door this morning, she wasn’t looking so hot. I mean who does after loosing all that bodily fluid from so many orifices? She sounded tired as I asked the proper questions you ask of someone whose been ill. That’s when she informed me our television was gay. Uh, come again. And better yet, how did she develop this conclusion? Because the screen had the rainbow of death, of course of course. That’s when she explained the screen gay tvshowed a large round rainbow-colored circle, i.e. the rainbow of death. Hey, whatever it takes to get a new TV, right? We will finally make our way into the modern era of televisions. How old is our current gay friendly set? Well, sk and I have been together for ten years and this will be our first television purchase.

I must admit the idea of a new set got me a bit excited. A new TV! Oh man, just think of all the possibilities! I tried to imagine how awesome it will be to have a new, big, wide-screen right there in our living room for us to use at anytime. Well, quite frankly the possibilities were endless and that left me a bit breathless. Did we want to wall mount the TV or would we also get a new console? We would finally have HD, but what all exactly would we need to make that happen? LCD or LED? All of this was racing through my brain and had me feeling a bit giddy when I realized something very important and then I felt my feet return to the ground. My high was over.

I realized how insignificant TV is in my life. The only show I watch and get agitated if I miss is the local news, mainly because I like to keep tabs on the weather. How else would I know a storm was going to dump over 25 cm of powder on us today and so I encouraged sk to run to the grocery store yesterday for a few supplies. She teased me at that time, but I digress. The only other program I make an effort to view on a regular basis is the Bob Newhart Show from one of those channels that replays shows from days of yore. I’m not asking you to understand my fascination with my choice but in my defense there are relatively few good programs that air at 2 am.

The Bob Newhart Show

The Bob Newhart Show (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now that the American football season is officially over, I seem to have a lot more free time on my hands in the evenings. More time to blog, read, play games with sk, make a nice dinner, spend time with friends, partake in fun activities outside of the home, etc. Not one of these involves a television. Our new set will be more of an accessory than anything or kept on for background noise. Because of this, I decided to conduct a little research.

As it turns out, it seems to be a magnetic problem with the degaussing coil and is easily fixable but sk does not know this. Now I have the opportunity to impress my lady and earn some brownie points, which are much different from lesbian butch points. Also, I like not being dependent on a television for entertainment. I don’t like the way I feel when I sit in front of the TV all evening watching sitcoms or dramas. . .sports are different. They are more interactive. There is cheering, nervous gestures or pacing, yelling, coaxing of the referees and the high-fiving after a score or awesome hit. I feel more productive and satisfied with my life when I don’t rely on the TV. I enjoy interacting with my partner. Cuddling up with sk to watch a movie is great but so is baking cookies together or just going out to the local café to read, write and to discuss those materials. These activities bring us emotionally closer than any cuddling while watching a movie. Maybe I won’t worry about our gay TV. . .well, not until the 2013 NFL pre-season begins.


2 thoughts on “Our TV is Gay

  1. Couldn’t agree more. I don’t have cable, so have used my TV for movies every now and again, but that’s about it. My son, on the other hand, somewhat addicted to gaming, has carried our 28-inch flat-screen all over the place… friends houses, his dad’s house, etc. I let him do it under the condition that if he ever broke it, he’d have to replace it with same size and quality. A couple weeks ago it finally happened… he busted the screen simply moving the TV from living room to bedroom. I suspect it will take a while before my 15-year-old has money enough for a new one so I foresee lots of family game nights. DARN 🙂


  2. Sk loves game night and I’m okay with it too in small doses, especially if I have a sport on tv or the computer I can watch while playing a game with her. I mean, come on, I can only be so patient when she takes 20 minutes for her turn during Scrabble match so I need something to hold my attention. Who knows, you also may get some chores done around the house for a discount. . . do those eaves need cleaning, does the car need a good washing? 🙂 It would be interesting with a teenager and no television. Good luck with that one! Peace.


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