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List Making

Making a List

What a busy week! Sk and I just returned from a trip to the States. While there I had plenty of time to observe, partake and make mental notes for future postings. I have so many ideas and stories to tell rolling around up there, it’s enough to make me dizzy. For me to keep some semblance of order, I’ll give a preview of upcoming articles I’ll be writing in the next several days. I know I have smart wonderful readers of my blog, so believe me this is mainly for my benefit.

1. Spending Christmas with a family member in mourning. . . it’s not as joyous as it sounds.

2. Attending Midnight Mass and not bursting into flames once I stepped over the church’s threshold. This also comes with a FYI: I will be very blunt and honest about my feelings when it comes to religion, especially Catholicism. If you are a die-hard Catholic or one of thin skin, you may want to skip that post.

3. A review of the Les Miserables.

At the Movies ~ Les Misérables, 2012

4. A review of the book I’m currently reading , The Immoralist by André Gide.

5. Why I consider Chicago my second home.

English: Chicago skyline at sunrise Deutsch: C...

6. Surviving an 8-hour car ride as a passenger.

That’s a pretty good list so far. There may be more to come out of this whole experience. I hope everyone is enjoying a safe and wonderful holiday season. Looks like I have a lot of writing to do. . . 



2 thoughts on “What’s Upcoming

  1. Sounds like we both have a lot on our brains. Good luck in your process, thank you for visiting and posting a comment. I look forward to reading some of your future posts as well. Peace


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