Pet Peeves

"Rain's on the Way, You Know"

Cows Chewing their Cud

Why are things that annoy us called ‘pet’ peeves. Pets are usually considered members of the family, doted upon and ask nothing in return, well, except cats. Maybe we should call those acts that get under our skin just plain peeves and leave the adorable pets alone.

1. People who chew gum as if they are a cow chomping on their cud.

– It’s yours not mine, I don’t want to see or hear it.

2. Talking during a movie.

– I don’t need nor want a commentary. I can see and hear all by myself, thank you.

3. Micro-managers

– If you ask me to do something, leave me alone and I will do it. I will come ask if I have questions and DO

NOT complete the work you already asked me to do. If you want it finished at a certain time, tell me.

4. Those people who are all smiles and happy all the time, I mean, all the time.

– It’s okay, we all have bad days, you’re not fooling anyone.

5. Prissy individuals

– It’s called dirt and yes, your mother made you washable.

6. Making too much noise when you eat

– Very similar to #1. If you are enjoying your food, tell me in words, I don’t want to hear the slurp

and smacking of your lips.

7. Hair left on the bar of soap in the shower

– Because it’s gross. . . even if I know who it belongs to.

8. Those who do not flush the toilet after using

– See number 7.

9. People who complain about their weight on a regular basis but do nothing about it

– Shut up. I can only be supportive and fake enthusiasm for you and your goals for so long. If after several

months of talking about your weight and all the things you’ve researched and which program would be the

best for you, then for the love of God, do it. You are responsible for you. It’s okay to have things beyond

your control interfere with your progress or goal, but it’s also okay to ask for help with these things and I will

support you 100% but don’t blame the holidays or a stressful event. Yes, easier said than done, as most

things usually are and don’t look at me how I am today and assume I can’t understand. At one point in time

in life, I was 4’7″ and wore a size 14 or 16 pant.  Life isn’t fair, no one promised you it would be.

10. Women who enter the room, look at the game on tv and say “Oh, those are pretty uniforms!”

– Either say something constructive or get out. It’s only okay if you are a.) bringing me something because

you thought I might be hungry and/or thirsty b.) the game is crap with your team losing big time and the

woman is a very sexy distraction.

11. Fibbers (Those you tell pointless lies or “little innocent white lies.”)

– There is absolutely no reason what so ever for you to tell a little fib, it just makes me wonder what else

you are really lying about.

12. Feigning stupidity

– I know that you know that I know you know. Don’t do it, it’s not attractive.

13. Making the same mistake over, over, over and over again and expect a different outcome each time.

– If you continue to meet the same way and date the same kind of men, quit acting surprised when it

doesn’t work out. More importantly, don’t poo-poo me when I point this out.

14. Asking for an opinion and then getting mad with that opinion

– Don’t ask if you don’t want my truthful response.

15. Rude and Mean People

– Because. . .they are rude and mean.

16. Channel flippers

– If any flipping is going on, I want to be the one doing it.

17. Picky beggars

– Whatever happened to that old saying, “beggars can’t be choosers?” Ha! Apparently they haven’t met

some of the beggars in large metropolitan cities of North America. If you don’t want the leftovers or

coupon you are not hungry enough and that doesn’t give you the right to say nasty things.

18. Crying foul while you are also fouling

English: Melissa Tancredi playing for Canada i...

Melissa Tancredi

Yes, I’m talking to you, Melissa Tancredi of the Canadian Women’s Soccer Team

of 2012. You and the rest of your team cried all way home, blaming officials for

your teams loss to the USA in the semi-final match-up earlier this year at

the olympics. Too bad you couldn’t hide the film of you stomping on the head of

one of your opponents during the match.

19. Using the Bible as ‘proof’ that homosexuality is a sin

– Shut up. The only people I will accept this argument from are those: who

protests Red Lobster or any place that sells shellfish; do not touch anything made from a pig (Sorry, that

includes a football.); do not wear garments made from a mixed blend of fabrics, only pure fabrics will do;

protests tattoo parlors and those who have piercings; who will stop women and illegitimate children, even

tenth generation, from entering a place of worship and will make it illegal for women to wear gold, pearls

or expensive clothing. If and only if you abide by all of these, will I listen to your other idiotic notions.

20. Know-it-alls

– No, you don’t.

I feel like I could go on and on but I don’t want to. I’m tired of focusing on not so pleasant things even if I’ve tried to see them with a sense of humor. And by the way, I can not stand when people say the words, “shut up.” Those were as bad as using a curse word in our home and I still don’t like to hear it.

Feel free to add your own peeve to the list. I’m headed off to find a pet or two. . .


2 thoughts on “Pet Peeves

  1. Excellent post! I totally agree with every point except for #10 – as you know I’m not into football, and so I would find this extremely funny and probably wet myself laughing!
    And yes, hair on the soap is one of the most disgusting things out and makes me feel sick. Ewwwwwww…
    It’s so true that this is an unfair burden to place on our lovely pets. And why would anyone want to keep their peeves as a pet anyway – surely you’d just want to have your say, let off steam, then move on. As if you’d want to keep them, cuddle them, and feed them!
    A peeve of mine is when people throw their rubbish on the ground or out their car window i.e. fast food packaging, cigarette butts, empty cans. Such disrespect and selfishness!


  2. That’s a good peeve, fortunately I don’t see much of that anymore. I think it’s illegal in the states to throw trash out of a window from a moving vehicle. All I ever see thrown out now is a cigarette butt, that’s bad enough.
    I guess I forgot to fulfill my lesbian quota in this post so here I’ll include it here:
    When people call me Sir, realize I’m a female then literally blame me or act that in some way I’m at fault for their mistake.
    – Not a chance, it’s 100% your fault. If you are not sure then say something gender neutral or hey here’s an idea, just treat eveyone with mutual respect! Asshole. 🙂


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