Lesbian enough?, Part II

Though marketed to heterosexual men, lesbian p...

Two days ago, I wrote a piece entitled Lesbian Enough? in response to a comment I received. Moral of the story: lesbians are more than the stereotypes or pigeon holes society tries to put us in. . .as I’m sure is the case with other ‘types’ of people. It generated way over my norm of 0 – 2 comments so I thought I would carry those thoughts of others into a new post.

Loz, a fellow WordPress blogger at LITTLEAUSSIELESSY, suggested, tongue-in-cheek, we lesbians wear a uniform to be identified by the public and other lesbians. She suggested cargos be included and I agreed. Comfortable shoes was my addition to the ‘uniform,’ preferably close-toed but Loz pointed out that we should be flexible and allow some things like open-toed footwear. Okay, okay just to prove i’m not completely anal, open-toed shoes are acceptable. . . just don’t point them in my direction.

Sheila, another blogger here on WordPress at Stories from life gave her classic ‘uniform,’ one in which she created a few years ago and many lesbians, especially butches could identify with, one that includes denim. She also added another aspect to this conversation by bringing up activities, as she is an award-winning baker, that are stereotypically non-butch or non-lesbian.

After reading Sheila’s comments, two thoughts immediately popped into my mind: a.) I really enjoy being in the kitchen cooking and baking. I just pulled the last batch of cookies out of the oven a few minutes ago. So now I know of two butches who like to bake. b.) Part of Sheila’s ‘uniform’ she created did not include a bra, one word: ow. I may be a Little Butch That Could, but this little butch has the average sized ta-tas of women in the US. (Yeah, I don’t get it either. I think it’s another way of God proving he/she has a sense of humor.) The whole point of my attire is comfort and that definitely includes a bra.

What other activities do we butches do, whether we admit them or not, that doesn’t necessarily fit into the butch, or lesbian, mold? What other aspect of a ‘uniform’ would you add? Do you, like Sheila, have your own go-to outfit, aka ‘uniform?’ Let’s keep the conversation going. Cheers!


16 thoughts on “Lesbian enough?, Part II

  1. Lol. Great post. I don’t like cooking or baking, but my girlfriend loves to do both and I think she is a baby butch. I only enjoy cooking for my dog, Alex. I think I am a different kind of lesbian. Yes comfort is the operative word. Going to Home Depot could be one to add. No, I don’t care to go, but my girlfriend actually enjoys it. I only go with her for moral support:)


  2. yes I always have a current dress-up outfit :black jeans before they get too faded, a nice shirt ironed meticulously, sensible well shined shoes (or sometimes red sneakers) and maybe a vest or sport/suit jacket.
    Recently, my partner treated me to a SUIT..navy with a silver blue pin stripe.came right off the rack and needed no alterations except hemming ,( i guess maybe i am shaped more like a man..)…and strangely comfortable. I still feel like myself , but i have to say i look pretty well turned out. Worn with silver blue shirt..red tie optional..i feel good in it and like i could “pass” anywhere..not so much pass as a man , though naturally it does nothing to ease THAT phenomenon…but I’m talking more …pass as a grown -up..be acceptable. and respectable ,.more of a class thing maybe than about gender..though in that mistaking thing, I’m always seen as rougher,tougher and more working class than i really am.
    But do clothes make the butch..?.i think so,,
    as for bras. i hear you about their supportive qualities and i have friends who swear by them, me…i don’t have too much there anyway and what there is has kind of lain flat and out of the way from years of no bra ..trained to be unobtrusive you could say.


  3. Hey thanks for the shout out and honorary mention in your blog! cheers.
    I appreciate your flexibility re the open toed footwear – my toes thank you in advance of the final and official uniform going public and worldwide 🙂
    Given that I don’t identify as butch I’m hoping it’s ok for me to put in my thoughts on this one – I am a dead-set raving lez if that counts me in! In terms of priding myself on being a very independent and handy lez who can wield powertools and do all that blokey-stuff that chicks aren’t supposed to do, well I’m pretty butch after all. And I’m handy in a kitchen too – guess that puts me in the versatile category!
    Despite what the pictures on my site may indicate, I haven’t frocked up in years – always felt strangely like I was in drag. I love the well-tailored look whether it’s girly or more masculine. It’s nice to show a bit of class from time to time.
    In terms of the lez uniform – I think the tank-top/singlet has to be up there, or a well fitted tee.


  4. Thank you for the comments! I think putting our wives/girlfriend’s happiness before our own is a lesbian/butch trait. How many times have you worn an article of clothing just because she bought it for you or she likes when you wear it? How else do you expain my pink shirt? And I bet you compliment and eat whatever she makes, even if you honestly don’t care for it and you pray there aren’t enough leftovers for the next day. 🙂


  5. Hahahaha, oh, that’s funny! I can’t wait until mine are out of the way. They’ve been ruining things for me for many years now. And it sounds like you are very lucky in the suit fitting department as well. I’m sure I could find one like that if I went to the boys husky section but then the ties are always clip-ons. . .


  6. You’re more than welcome, Loz. I give credit where credit is due.
    Okay, if I agree to the open-toes shoes will you promise we can ban those Toe sock thingys, ? If anyone walks up to me wearing those things, I turn an walk away.
    I don’t want to exclude any particular kind of lesbian, woman or polite stranger from the conversation. We all have ideas and ideals of what a lesbian or a butch is. This is just a fun place to express those. And I have a feeling you are fun at a party, I think you’ll fit right in, femme or butch.


  7. You have my absolute agreement on a toetoe sock ban – worldwide! Those socks are so WRONG!!! they look like freaky little hands on the end of feet. They need to be completely banned – for everyone, not just lezzy’s.
    Yes I am fun at a party – just so long as I’m home before midnight, or else I turn into a pumpkin 🙂 – a rainbow coloured pumpkin that is.
    Marcela – I don’t know what Home Depot is, but I’m gathering it’s a big hardware kind of store? We have huge stores called Bunnings in Oz that are pretty much lesbian heaven. I could lose myself in one of those stores in amongst all the tools, hardware, gardening and building stuff for hours – and there are always plenty of other lezzy’s there too which is great!


  8. Lol. Well, I think I am going to surprise with my response for when she cooks, being that I am a picky eater, I am very honest with her. If I like it, I rave about it, but if I don’t like, I also tell her and I say to her, “you could cook it again, if you want to, but I don’t like it”. So she says, “ok., so I will not cook it again”. I feel bad, but I am not going to eat something that I really do not enjoy. Life is too short. Btw, we are about the same size so we use each other’s clothes except for what she calls, “girlie clothes”.


  9. Yes, Home Depot rocks! We also have Rona here in Canada, basically same store.
    Just thinking about those sock things makes me squirm. Toes are so ewwwwy anyway! And yes, ewwwy can be butch, it’s all in the delivery. lol 🙂
    Staying out until midnight doesn’t sound too old farty to me. Now if you would’ve said 10 pm. . .


  10. Yes, you did surprise me but in a good way. I think it’s better to be honest than always trying to please other people. But there are those people pleasers, it’s just their personality. I too am a picky eater and it drives sk crazy. She swears I do it on purpose sometimes; not so, just a happy perk. 😉
    I don’t know much about the sharing of clothes, not too many adult people are my size but I can imagine it has it own perks as well; with the exception of the “girlie clothes”. . .yes, definitely no “girlie clothes.” lol


  11. Lol. That’s what my girlfriend tells me, “I will not wear girlie girl clothes or pink for anybody, not even you”. I prefer to be honest with her because keeping things from those we love can cause a lot of trouble and drama and I don’t want either of them:)


  12. Hey that’s no fair! I told her I didn’t like nor want that pink shirt, so why do I have a pink shirt hanging in my closet? Hmph! Must not have done something right. . .


  13. Lol. You know what? I’ve learned, through a lot of mistakes, that I need to let her be her own person. There are a lot of compromises we both have to make for each other, but I don’t want to change her for that is the reason why I felt attracted to her and still love her:)


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