Christmas Already?

There seems to be some doubt in these parts as to when the time is right to start celebrating the Christmas holiday. Growing up, every family I knew had their own protocol but commercially the kick-off date was the Friday after Thanksgiving. In my house, the Christmas tree went up over the weekend following Turkey Day. Here, in Canada or at least my section of it, there seems to be some discord.

A couple of weeks ago, the largest drug store chain around here started playing their holiday music throughout their stores. The people revolted! They said, ‘Hey, hey, hey. . .it’s not even November yet, eh?’ And the store acquiesced. Just like that; simple enough.

Last Sunday, we celebrated Remembrance Day, Veteran’s Day in the US. (A truly heartfelt shout

the sexy santa assistants were there to take a...

out to all the veterans who served or currently serve in the Armed Forces and/or supportive services.)  However, on Saturday, the major city hub held their annual Christmas Parade. Why would you hold any other celebratory tradition during the weekend to honor our military personnel? I think the veterans earned the right to have one entire weekend all to themselves. It’s the least we non-military folks can do, right? Not sharing your honor time with a jolly man in a red suit. Some might even call it a bit tacky. I’ll let you decide.

There is one aspect of the holiday season that is absolute, shopping. People here start their holiday shopping on ‘Black Friday,’ just like in the States. The States is a very reasonable drive so this year, some stores and shopping centers on this side of the border are also having ‘Black Friday’ sale events. I highly doubt this will keep most of the shoppers from making that drive to the US. Let’s face it, making the haul to the border has become a tradition for some folks. Also, earlier this year, the Canadian government increased the amount one can spend on the other side without having to pay fees upon crossing the border. Not very bright if you want to push sales in your own country.

I know there are people out there that leave their holiday lights tacked up to the outside of their house all year round. Lazy or good planning? Decorating is okay but my weakness are the songs. Nothing like belting out a good round of Oh, Come all Ye Faithful to get my spirit pumped. However, I do exercise some restraint; not of my own making, of course. I am allowed to start playing Christmas songs on the first day after Thanksgiving or the first day it starts to snow, whichever comes first. Just another reason for me to like snow. Unfortunately, with all the Global Warming my first day of snow is getting later and later.

It seems no one can decided on a day that is acceptable to begin the celebration of the Christmas season but several people will make noise if they believe you are unreasonably early. So when is it too early? Apparently, it’s too early in October or the first week of November. Personally, I think here in Canada it needs to wait until after we honor our veterans; in the States, a good rule of thumb is to wait until after Thanksgiving. Just keep in mind, the sooner the decorations go up, the sooner the songs begin. . .”Sing, choirs of angels, sing in exultation. . . “


14 thoughts on “Christmas Already?

  1. My daughter has been singing “when santa got stuck in the chimney” for a couple of weeks which is hilarious!! I don’t buy into the whole Christmas shopping/preparation that seems to go on. It does seem to start earlier every year – or maybe I’m just becoming more of an old fart and need something to whinge about. And not long into the new year the Easter stuff comes out in the shops over here. Although having hot cross buns available more of the year is not a bad thing. I think anything before the middle of November is too early.


  2. I’m not familiar with the song your daughter is singing but she sounds delightful. Nope, you’re not an old fart, the stores seem to put out their decorations earlier and earlier every year. I agree with your timeline.


  3. That’s really very kind of you, but I do admit I have borderline old fart tendencies! Thank you for agreeing with my timeline. If we do a petition and get loads of signatures maybe we could start a worldwide movement to halt the obscenely early product flogging for Christmas next year 🙂 Or maybe suggest to our respective heads of government that Chrissy decs and all the associated trappings stay up and in stores all year round… or maybe not…


  4. You’re one of those people that leave their Christmas lights up all year long on the outside of their house, aren’t you? haha Just kidding. I prefer the term ‘mature’ over ‘old fart.’ I get a better mental image with the word ‘mature.’ If I were to protest any company based on their holiday proclivities it would be Hallmark; they have a card for every holiday known to humankind and they continue to create new ones just to make you feel the need to buy cards and gifts. Grrr, don’t like them.


  5. oh my god, how did you know that?!! 🙂
    Hallmark cards have some lovely ideas, but I think they make people lazy i.e. get to buy a card that already “says it all” so they don’t have to use their own words. I hear ya.


  6. I’m spying on your house from the other side of the world. 🙂 lol I agree Hallmark does make some really nice cards, I just don’t like all the made-up holidays they pressure others into buying for.


  7. You must have some pretty kick-butt binoculars 🙂 There should be a holiday of non-consumption, during which time no-one is allowed to spend any money and buy anything, but instead have to talk to their family and friends. Ooh, maybe not actually….


  8. Shhh, don’t let the military know. 😉 Talk? You might as well make it a mandatory black-out becuase those friends and family will not talk unless there is no other option. lol


  9. Oh my, yes, American football, that is. Sunday is our favorite day of the week because football analysis begins in the morning, early game begins at 1 pm (all times are EST), afternoon games start at 4 pm, recaps of earlier games and pre-game for the night game that kicks off a little after at 8:20 pm. But then there’s also Monday and Thursday night football games as well. Ummm, not that I’m a big fan or anything. . .


  10. Ohhh, I’ve never been called ‘master’ anything! If you’ll excuse me, time to go back to Monday Night Football! 🙂


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