Time for the Little Blue Happy Pill

My sweet little boy, Rafael Joseph or Raffy, needs to start taking his blue pills again. Several months ago I noticed a couple of small hairless patches on his front paws. That seemed odd to me. 

Rafael Joseph M.- R.

Sk said to look at his tummy, I did. Before I just thought it was the cutest pink tummy in the world but when I investigated further, I realized it was pink because it didn’t have any fur. I looked him in square in the eyes and told him to get better or else he would have to go to the doctor.

Apparently he thought I was joking because after a few days more patches started to appear. So sk took Raffy to the vet. After $280 and a urine test, the female doctor ruled out any blood in the urine or infections. Her diagnosis was an anxiety disorder.

A little bottle with some blue pills accompanied him home that day. The pills are cut in half and very bitter-tasting, as per the veterinarian. I didn’t tried them. One half a pill every day for two weeks then every other day thereafter until his behavior returned to normal and then we were allowed to ween him off.

After a few days of those pills, we realized he started exhibiting some of his normal behaviors; behaviors we forgot he did and therefore didn’t even notice he stopped. Apparently we are not very observant of our four-legged babies. Maybe it’s a good idea we don’t have children. Raffy is the type of kitty who enjoys being in the bathroom with you. He will lay on top of the toilet seat and very patiently sit there until you’ve finished taking your shower and are ready to leave the room. He’s a great little buddy who will keep you company. Neither sk or I noticed he stopped exhibiting this behavior until after a few days of taking those pills and he started following us into the bathroom once again. . . hey, I said to myself, he’s sitting on the toilet seat. . .oh yeah, he used to do that all the time.

All of this was happening and sk, the therapist, explained to me that it might be because he is too attached to me. Okay, what do I know, right? We are pretty tight. It’s not a secret that Raffy tends to favor me. Sk and I never had a competition for his affection, that’s just how things worked out.  My first cat, Dauber, was indeed overly attached to me; the vet diagnosed him with separation anxiety. If I left for vacation or went away for a weekend, he would physically be sick and miraculously recover upon my return. It was very possible that sk was right: she is a licensed therapist so she knows what she’s talking about, this type of

Happier times, Raffy in the cat stroller.

issue is not new for a cat associated with me and let’s face it, she’s just smarter than I am.  So I kept all that in mind and made sure I talked/petted to our other two babies just as much, if not more, than Raffy.

Unfortunately about three weeks ago, I noticed new fur-less patches on Raffy’s front paws again. We still had plenty of happy pills leftover so I started the same treatment procedure as last time. The only difference between last time and now is that sk is home more. She’s been having that ‘I’m not sure what I want to do with my professional life,’ for the past month or so. Since she’s been home more, she’s had more time with the babies and focused specifically on Raffy. Guess what? He’s responding. He’s acting more like his old self. So I suggested to sk that his anxiety may not be due to his attachment to me but it’s more likely from a lack of attention from her.

We finally figured out why he was so anxious. We addressed it, we corrected it and we were well on our way to a happy fully furred kitty. Until last Tuesday. I received my radiation pill to destroy my thyroid. Since then, I’ve had to keep an arm’s length away from anyone, including pets, and sleeping by myself. I’ve explained all this to Raffy, specifically pointing out that he has done nothing wrong and this is only temporary. I don’t think he gets it. Every night, in the wee hours of the morning, he comes into the room, sits on the floor and stares at me. After a few minutes of this, he tries to jump in bed with me. I shoo him away each time, sometimes a bit more roughly than I would when fully awake. Needless to say, I think we’ll need a new round of happy blue pills.


4 thoughts on “Time for the Little Blue Happy Pill

  1. Poor Raffy….Poor SK and poor you….all sleeping alone….You know one thing that’s especially appealing about a good blog, like yours? The honesty. You admit freely that you may not be the most observant when it comes to behavior changes on the parts of your kitties. Some voice inside my head would be telling me what a bad pet owner I was, and actually has in the past, and I’d be embarrassed or ashamed to even admit it. You just admit it and keep going….I like that…seems to be evidence of a certain level of self-acceptance of your humanness. thanks for posting I needed to read this. Good Luck with Raffy and Good Luck to SK with her career stuff.


  2. Thank you very much, strollingturtle, but I feel your praise is unjustified. I’m honest and I’m human. We are all human (let’s hope) and some of us are more honest than others. And I did feel terrible that I failed to recognized Raffy’s symptoms at first but instead of harping on that, I learned from it and was able to identify the symptoms when they returned recently. Making mistakes makes us human, learning from those mistakes makes us smarter. Thank you again for your kind words and luck, we all need a bit of that every once in a while. 🙂 Peace


  3. Take care of yourself while you’re in solitary! I have a friend who went through that same exact thing for her thyroid. It’s tough being away from the people you love. Hugs and healing to you!


  4. Thank you so much for your kind words! They are helping me to feel better. I’ve already warned everyone in the house that they are getting lots of lovin’ come Sunday when I’ll I’m done with the solitary confinement. I can’t wait! Thanks again! 🙂 Cheers


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