Goldilocks and Ice Cream Cones

Does anyone read or pay attention to the ‘Daily Prompts’ handed out by WordPress? Me neither, usually, but I just happened to catch a glimpse of todays and yes, curiosity got the better of me and so I read it. Today’s prompt is to write about your ‘Goldilocks moment’ you’ve experienced.

Film Fun Magazine - Three To Get Ready (Decemb...

No reason for the photo except that I like it.

A quick brush-up on fairy tale creatures or for those of us that don’t watch ‘Once Upon a Time,’ Goldilocks is in The Story of the Three Bears. She happens upon the home of the Bears when they are not present and proceeds to try their porridge and beds in attempts to find the very best one of each to suit her.  So WordPress wants us bloggers to write about a time when we tried different options until we came across the one that fit best for us. Oh, really?

This pretty much happens to me on a daily basis, multiple times. I can be anywhere; work, home or at the grocery store. I mean how can you select a loaf of bread without pressing their tops, testing for freshness? Apparently this is one of my quirks that annoys sk. And don’t get me started on checking eggs. . . So yes, I test several before making my final selection.

I’m serious. How many of you wake up in the morning, pick clothes to wear, put them on and leave the house with what you first put on? I’m not talking about you orderly people who pick out your outfits the night before. We all can’t be that well-coordinated. There has to be others out there like me who put on a shirt or two or sometimes three before it makes the cutoff and then I move on to finding a pair of pants.

It took me at least twenty minutes the other evening to pick out three pumpkins. They weren’t even for me, they were for work. I also went through several recipes before finding the one I wanted to use for a holiday punch tomorrow. Again, for work. I can only imagine how long it would take me to pick out a pumpkin or find a punch recipe if it was for my own personal use. Lord only knows.

Yes, I’ve been called names like picky and anal, a few times in fact. What’s wrong with knowing what you want and searching until you find it? Or not know what you want but willing to keep looking until you find it? I don’t go on about how long it takes sk to shop for clothes. We were at an outlet mall one day, for example, when sk came along one of her favorite stores. We all went in. Our friend and I quickly decided there wasn’t anything interesting enough for us so we told sk we would meet her out in the middle of the mall, you know that area where all the husbands and butches patiently wait and hang on to the shopping bags while our wives are in the stores. We left her in the shirt section. Over a half hour later, our friend and I decide to head back to the store because neither one of us had seen sk. I kid you not, she was still at the exact same round rack of shirts where we left her. When we go to Costco, I’m a happy camper as long as I have an ice cream cone. She can shop as much as she likes until my cone run outs.

I asked for a small ice cream cone

I don’t make a big deal out of waiting because I totally understand the need to check out different styles/colors/prices/etc. I’ll even admit, being in the ladies dressing room is not such a bad place to be. Where else can you blatantly check out women. . .and it’s okay because they are checking themselves out in the mirrors. Sometimes they even ask you for your opinion. And ladies, I’ll let you in on a butch secret. While in the dressing room if you ask a butch, a stranger, if what you are wearing is nice or flattering we base our decisions on one thing: would what you’re wearing attract us enough to want to sleep with you.

We all have our ‘Goldilocks moment’ for trivial matters, shopping, as well as meaningful ones, quitting an unpleasant habit. I don’t belive that’s the issue. I think the more pressing issue is having the patience to either be the one having the ‘Goldilocks moment’ or being the one watching a ‘Goldilocks moment.’ Let’s face it, there aren’t enough ice cream cones around to appease all of us.


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