Walter Matthau in Grumpier Old Men: “Oh, lesbians.  Yummy.”

Grumpier Old Men

Grumpier Old Men (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I own a gratitude journal.  It’s just a plain notebook, nothing special.  I’m supposed to write in it every day; ten specific things in my life that I’m grateful for and why.  Let’s just say that I’m not very good at making a daily entry.  I tend to turn to my journal when I’m in a bad mood, fighting with sk or things aren’t going so well for friends or family members; basically when I need to be reminded of the good I have in my life to offset the other crap.  Today is one of those days. 

I perked up a bit due to Monday Night Football, especially because I actually got to watch the game, the Bears played well and they kicked their opponent’s collective ass.  As good as that was, it just wasn’t enough to get me out of my blue mood. 

My next idea was to watch a movie.  I happened to come across one of my favorite sequels, Grumpier Old Men. I really enjoy a good comedy.  As as much as I like this film, again, it wasn’t enough.

My last resort is the gratitude journal.  So here it goes. . .

1.)  I’m grateful for PMR (a co-worker) because I always have a good time when we work together and it helps to make the day go quickly.

2.) I’m grateful for the Chicago Bears because they all played well (offensive line, Forte, Cutler, Marshall, Moore, Tillman, Jennings, Bell, Hester, Briggs) and that made me very happy.

3.) I’m grateful for the weather because Fall is my favorite month with cool and crisp mornings.

4.) I’m grateful for my ability to cook because the pizza I made for dinner was delicious.

5.) I’m grateful for GL (co-worker) because now that she is back the other employees can go to her to complain about things.

6.) I’m grateful for the grapes I’m eating because they are cold, juicy, sweet and satisfying.

7.) I’m grateful for my hairdresser, Cindy, because she’s back from vacation and she cut my hair the way I like it. 

8.) I’m grateful for my Tito Cain because he is a good man who’s facing the end of his life with dignity.

9.) I’m grateful for our cat Mikey because he is adorably cute and sweet.

10.) I’m grateful for sk’s hard work today because she figured out how to fix the computer instead of waiting for me to do it.

Whew, there it is and yes, I do fill slightly better.  If I can keep this up for the next few days I should be back to my perky smart ass self. . .just in time to welcome people into our home for Thanksgiving.


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