And So it Begins

Shopping for pumpkins at Thanksgiving in Ottaw...

Shopping for pumpkins at Thanksgiving in Ottawa’s Byward Market. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The holiday season is about to start here in Canada with Thanksgiving Day, held on the second Monday of October to celebrate the end of a, hopefully, bountiful harvest.  Don’t ask a Canadian why this day is held in October because you will get responses like, “Because it’s still warm enough to enjoy the holiday by being outside.”  This is true enough because of two things: 1.) The weather, being what it has been the past few years, has been warm enough for people to play beach volleyball along Lake Ontario, you know, instead of throwing the football around in the backyard.  2.) If it is warm, Canadian warm, they will be outside, guaranteed. 

We do all the typical Thanksgiving Day rituals; parades, family gatherings, turkey dinners and football (CFL).  If there is one saving grace for this butch is that there is football, a double-header to boot.  When children are not around, I can get away with watching a few minutes of the games.  Normally I don’t watch CFL games, but I make exceptions. 

This, like most things here, has a Canadian twist so it’s not exactly like the State’s version.  Besides being more than a month ahead, Thanksgiving Day here is a public holiday for the entire country . . . except for the Atlantic coast provinces.  This is true unless you are employed by the federal government in one of those provinces, then yes, you also get the day off, otherwise it’s a regular Monday.  Why?  I have no idea.  From what I’ve heard, the East coast is. . . oh, let’s see. . . on a different plane than the rest of Canada and this fact would seem to support that theory. 

Due to this holiday occurring in early October, I have a tendency to forget about the month of November.  Once in a while we’ll celebrate American Thanksgiving and then I’m back on track for Christmas.  Otherwise I feel like Christmas is just around the corner and I only have a couple of weeks to get all my shopping done and this feeling stays with me for several weeks.  I’m not used to having over two months of shopping left before Santa comes.  Back in the day, stores were practical and didn’t put out their Christmas decorations until sometime in November.  I saw decorations in a couple of stores over a week ago.  What the h-e-double hockey sticks is going on?!?

Carving (Photo credit: someToast)

I don’t even want to think about the holiday shopping bonanza.  Let me just focus on one thing at a time and right now that is how can I get out of cooking the turkey?  If I point out the fact that last time I was in charge, I ended up cooking, and serving, the bird upside down, I think I might of have a chance.


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