What do they see?

Do you ever wonder what other people see when they look at you and your partner/wife/significant other/girlfriend/domestic partner. . .pick one?  Usually I do not care.  That’s one of my keys to a happy life; if you are too preoccupied with what others think of you, you can never be truly happy.  Unfortunately, sk does care, more than she will admit, especially if the other person is rude.  One day at the library sk was asked if she was my personal support worker (PSW).  I didn’t know who should be offended more.  Sk, for the woman assuming she was a PSW, which offended my professional pretty lady, or myself because she thought I was in need of a caretaker.  WTF?

There is a bit of an age difference between us but not one that significant.  Sk is of a nationality in which that population ages well and it’s often very difficult to accurately guess their proper age.  Unfortunately,  she’s with someone that ages even slower than she does.  I’m sure people often have a hard time figuring out our relationship.  I might start to pay attention just so I can watch the show play out on their faces.

I’m amazed at how lucky I am.  How did someone like me end up with a beauty like her?  She is so elegant, sophisticated, smart and witty.  It doesn’t make sense to me that she’s with someone who looks mid-20s, petite (That’s the nice way of saying short), a smartass and who is better at dressing others than herself.  If I can’t believe I’m with her I can only imagine what strangers think. 

I should probably tell her how I feel more often, or at least once.  How terrible is that?  I can’t even remember if I’ve told her that before.  Not telling the most important person in your life how you feel is NOT one of my keys to a happy life.  Maybe, if I share my feelings with her, she may not care as much what others think when they see us together.  I think it’s worth a try. . .


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