No pets, you crazy?

Raffy with Tip of Tongue Out

Our kitties are being exceptionally cute this evening so I’m  using them for my inspiration to keep

 my daily blog a daily.  We own two cats, Rafael Joseph and Sophia Rose, but have a third one, Michelangelo, living with us. Okay, it’s been three years since we took him in, hoping it was only temporary.  I might as well say we have three.

Sophia was our first.  We rescued

 her from the streets of Iowa when she was just a baby.  In fact I owe her a big thank you.  Thanks to her, sk and I moved in together; after two years of courtship I may add.  Sk never owned a cat before so she wasn’t exactly sure how to care for our new baby girl.  I volunteered to stay a few days. . . just until she became comfortable with the responsibility.  Needless to say I never left. 

Sleepy Sophia

Then came Rafael.  Once sk looked at a picture of a litter of kitties, she pointed to the little grey/white fluff ball and said it might be a good idea for Sophia to have a brother.  So it was.  We picked him up and drove 5 hours with a crying kitty.        

A few years later, Michelangelo, came into our lives.  His ride was a bit longer at 9 hours but he was as quiet as a mouse.  Over time he’s made his niche into our family and now we can’t imagine our lives without him. 

All this sentimentalism comes from a comment a co-worker made.  She told me her fiancé did not want a cat because he didn’t like them, more specifically he never owned a pet of any kind.  First of all, how can you say you don’t like something if you’ve never had it?  And second, if your lady wants a cat and you aren’t allergic to them, then you had better get her a cat.  Everyone in the butch world knows that a happy lady equals a happy household.  The sooner her fiancé learns that lesson the better their relationship will be and their future marriage may have a chance.  Third, how can one go through life and never have a pet? 

I can not imagine my life without pets.  I grew up on a farm and I can honestly say that for the first, oh maybe 10 years of my life, my best friends were those of the four legged kind.  I’ve spent my entire life owing a pet, except for three years, four if you consider fish pets; I mean, can you pet them?  No.  Two, or three depending on your definition of the term ‘pet’, of those years I was at university and then one year I was petless because I was mourning the loss of my first cat.  Today, our kitties are very close to being considered our children.  I say very close just because I do not want to offend those people who do not like when pets are compared to children, but just between you and me, we do it in our house. 

I feel a pet helps to make a house a home and I think there would be dire consequences if I had to come home to an empty house for any length of time.  Okay, the cats may or may not come to greet me when I walk through the door, they are cats after all, but just knowing they are here makes me start to relax.  And I find that I learn a lot from them.  For instance, a bath tub faucet will drip no matter what, all you have to do is stare at it long enough.  I don’t know where else I can get that kind of information.  But no matter what kind or how many pets you own, the single most important question you can ask yourself is, “What will make my lady happy?”


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