Happy Anniversary


The cover of My Lady Nicotine: A Study in Smok...

The cover of My Lady Nicotine: A Study in Smoke (1896) by J.M. Barrie, otherwise best known for his play Peter Pan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This weekend I will celebrate my anniversary.  Just a little something, maybe a nice dinner or a special outing of some sort.  On March 1st, 2012, I stopped smoking.  I did not cheat one time.  I’ve been clean for 7 months.
Now you might wonder why I would celebrate my 7th anniversary instead of my 6th, which in all due respect, most people believe to be a major milestone.  Easy explanation, I forgot.  No, I didn’t forget to celebrate the occasion, I actually forgot I used to smoke!  Caring folks would ask me how I was coping but by the end of March, I had to stop and remember just what I was supposed to be coping with. 

I feel a little guilty celebrating or sharing my story of how I stopped something that seemed too easy.  I struggled more the month of February than I did once I stopped smoking.  Just the thought of not smoking made me smoke more.  I don’t know why it was easy. . .nor do I really care, I’m just grateful it was.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bragging.  I tried multiple times to break my habit.  Nothing I did worked and I was too proud to go to any doctor to ask for help, especially for something I thought I had control over.  I was never strong enough to go through with it.  One such trial ended in such a short span of time it’s pitiful.  I knew I failed when my roomie handed me $5 and begged me to go buy a pack.

I think my success is because of my approach.  Not only did I mentally prepare but I also studied about the process.  I identified what type of smoker I was.  Turns out I wasn’t addicted to the nicotine, it was all behavior based.  If you smoke within a half hour of getting up in the morning, you are more likely to be addicted to nicotine than those who don’t.  I had no idea; this was all new information to me. 

I would be a liar if I said I didn’t miss it.  I miss the taste, the way it helped me to relax, going outside for a break and the comradeship but I’m past the urges.  Could I on occasion enjoy a cigar or a single smoke?  I would like to think so but I don’t want to tempt myself.  Speaking of tempting, I don’t think I’ve really tested myself yet.  We don’t hang out with any other smokers.  The one smoking buddy I had moved.  So I don’t want to say that I’m totally done.

And I don’t blame anyone for my behavior.  Smoking was a decision I made, a stupid one but a decision all the same.  A decision I made for over 15 years.  I mean, come on, whose fault is it that I continued to inhale on a stick that was on fire for many years. . .mine.  I must point the finger at myself now and possibly in the future.

So now my lungs are healing, I feel better, I’m saving some money but most importantly I know sk is proud of me.  For those of you going through this process, stay strong and it does get better.  Congratulations to those successful former smokers.  If you have a tip for staying smoke-free, please feel free to pass it along.



2 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary

  1. Congratulations to you Rmiles. I’ve read that it usually takes more than one attempt to kick a bad habit or build a new good one. That’s certainly been my experience, as I continue fumbling down the “bad habit kicking” path, of which I have several. Glad it’s been going “easier” this time around…with your preparatory work doing the trick! Yay!! Hope you and sk have fun celebrating this accomplishment. Thanks for sharing it with the rest of us!
    Peace be with you as well.


  2. Thank you, strollingturtle. I can’t believe how much I’ve learned about myself through this experience. It’s been great and I wish nothing but success for you along your path. Thank you, again, I welcome your feedback!


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