My Obsession

My obsession, for the past few months anyway, are popsicles.  Single, twin, rocket or yogurt, it doesn’t matter.  I will eat them all.  Hell, I’ll even eat the orange flavored ones.  I can’t tell you how many of those sweet ice chunks I’ve eaten.  I have a particular brand that I look for in the freezer section.  This brand of popsicle looks like all the others aligned on the shelf.  The only reason I prefer this brand is because they offer the most in one box, 24.  Most of the others only offer 8 to 12 but not Chapman’s, they give me 24 delicious cooling sticks. . . well, unless sk asks for one or two then I have to share.

My obsession started in the spring.  It was about that time when every trip to a grocery store included several minutes of me standing in front of a freezer shelf staring at all those beautiful frozen desserts.  This was not normal for me.  Sk and I may buy some frozen yogurt once in while but not that often so image my delight when I came across things like Italian Ices, gelato, real ice cream in  an array of flavors I didn’t know existed.  Sk is a pretty patient lady but even she started to get annoyed by the amount of time it was taking for me to select a treat.

After much consideration and research, we bought our first box of popsicles; Dole frozen yogurt real fruit popsicles, box of 12.  They were good.  This little dessert brought me so much pleasure, more than any other in quite some time.  I quickly decided we must purchase more. 

At about this same time while I was craving cold treats, I also noticed my heart rate was a little high, I had edema in my legs in the morning when I woke up, insomnia, appetite of a race horse and I was hot.  I mean 24-hour pre-menopausal hot flash preview.  Nothing I did brought relief.  A cold shower helped, but shortly after by the time I finished getting dressed I was ready for another cold shower.  Nothing that is until I ate a popsicle and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Luckily I have a creditable explanation and one that sk can’t deny.  According to the doctors, I have a hyper thyroid or Graves Disease and until they zap that little gland I will continue to experience those symptoms.  Until that day I will make sure I have a supply of sicles on hand.  Speaking of popsicles, I think I’ve earned a break and it just so happens that I have one in the freezer with my name on it.



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