No Seriously, I Don’t Own a Cell Phone

 Okay, Monday Night Countdown is on so I have some time to get my daily blog down before kick-off.  It’s only day four of my intro into the blogging world and I’m already worried about finding topics.  So if you have any in mind that you would toss my way, I’m open.  This was my frame of mind earlier and then as luck would have it the phone, land line, rang and it was a telemarketer.  Now, I have a few opinions on telemarketing: a.) Those people on the other end of the line need to earn a living just like you and I so there is no need for me to be rude while dismissing their call. b.) I’m always tempted to try what a friend of mine used to do when he was a stay-at-home dad of his two daughters.  He is the only person on earth that I know who actually got them to hang up on him.  He would do the following when a telemarketer called basically to just entertain himself.  He would let the person talk as long as they wanted and when they finally realized he wasn’t responding to their sales pitch, they would say something like “Sir, are you there?”  My friend would respond in his sweetest most child-like voice, “I’m . . . not wearing. . . any pants.”   That was it, they would hang up and he had another amusing story to tell.  c.) There has got to be another time of day that these people call other than when I’m eating or preparing dinner.

Anyway, so this woman wants me to complete a survey concerning cell phone companies.  I tell her I do not own one.  I could tell by her tone of voice she did not believe me.  How dare she call me, at my home, right when I’m getting ready to sit down to dinner, get me to agree to a survey and then not believe me when I answer her?!?!  I hung up.  A few seconds later I realized I had my topic for tonight’s blog.

Back in the day, I was one of or the last one of my circle of friends to buy a cell phone.  I came to understand what made them so fascinating.  Later on I  trusted my cell phone so much that I cancelled my land line.  Sk and I had a family plan and could talk and text as much as we wanted all for one very reasonable price.  So imagine my surprise when we arrived in Canada and was told by the sales rep at the cell phone store that this country did not offer anything similar to our plan from the States.  In fact this man even asked me if we were from the States; he could tell just by the description our phone package.

Not only were we disappointed by the lack of plan options, lack of cell phone companies, lack of coverage areas but the man also informed me I qualified for only one phone because I lacked Canadian credit.  At that time I was employed by my company from the US and would be working from home, once we found one, and would finance my business cell phone.  So of course I opted to get the business phone instead of a personal line. 

Looking back, that situation  was a perfect omen to what my life would be like here in Canada.  Not owning a cell phone is very freeing.  Once people find out I do not have one they immediately feel the need to tell me why they in fact must have theirs; they  can get a hold of the kids in case of emergencies or  they travel on the road a lot.  They look at me as if I’m judging them.  I never said I was better than the next person dependent on their new high-tech gadget, I was once one of them myself.  They are convenient and have some really neat apps. 

But it’s more than that.  My life here is more simple.  I’m now an avid reader once again.  I had an iPod that I used to fill with music, audiobooks, movies, webcasts, etc. for my commute to and from work.  Thanks to that I did not open a book for two years.  Today my iPod is in a top drawer collecting dust.  We use it once in a while on a long car ride.  My pace of life is slower.  I have more time to enjoy different aspects of my life every day. 

Yes, there are times when I miss my cell phone, two to be exact.  I don’t like it when sk and I are in a store and we lose track of one another.  Then I have to walk around the place checking each aisle/section for her when it would be so easy to simply call her.  The other time I wish I had a cell phone is when I’m picking someone up at the airport.  There is a parking lot miles away from the terminals where you can sit in your parked car until the person you are there to pick-up calls you to come get them.  Great idea, if you have a cell phone.  Other than that, I’m good to go.  If and when I need a phone, that’s when I reach for sk’s.

Okay sport fans, it’s that time and yes, I’m ready for some football!


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